Mark Labbett baffles Bradley as The Chase star admits he’s ‘terrified’ of team ‘No chance’
29th May 2021

The Chase: Mark Labbett says he is ‘genuinely terrified’

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Mark ’The Beast’ Labbett, 55, was the quizmaster four new The Chase contestants were having to take on in the latest episode of the ITV game show. Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to host and he hoped his team would be able to defeat one of the greatest Chasers on the programme. It seemed they spooked the general knowledge guru enough that just before the final round commenced, Mark admitted he had “no chance” of winning and it left him feeling uncharacteristically “terrified”.

The episode got off to a strong start as the first player up to take on Mark, Trisha, had managed to accumulate £7,000 during her cash-builder round.

With what she thought was luck on her side, the contestant opted to accept The Beast’s higher offer of £30,000 and she was commended for her bravery.

Unfortunately, the mother-of-five was knocked out by the Chaser and this meant the jackpot was still standing at £0.

Next up was Jonathan and the team were hoping he could lift their spirits and get the prize total rolling, which he did.

After wracking up an impressive £6,000, he defeated the quizmaster with ease and secured his place in the Final Chase.

Third up to play was contestant Katie and although she did well in her cash-builder round, she chose to accept Mark’s lower offer.

Instead of taking away from the jackpot to make it back, the player actually got to add as The Beast decided to give her £1,000.

This advantage worked in the quizzing amateur’s favour as she made it back to the team and brought the jackpot up to £7,000.

All eyes were on the final contestant of the day, Will, as he played his cash-builder round with Bradley and accumulated a stellar £9,000.

I’ve got no chance

Mark Labbett

Bradley, Mark, and Will’s teammates were blown away by his efforts and his success continued as he defeated The Beast in their head-to-head round.

This meant going into the Final Chase, the team we’re playing for a jackpot of £16,000 and with three opponents in front of him, the quizmaster started to get very nervous.

Looking at the trio sat before him, Mark told Bradley: “I’m genuinely terrified. I have no chance [of winning here].”

The host looked at his co-star in disbelief as he couldn’t accept The Beast seemed to be defeated before the Final Chase had even begun.

Mark even admitted he it was a rarity, telling Bradley he doesn’t feel that way “very often”.

Unfortunately, the team only managed to accumulate 16 points that Mark would have to match to take their money away from them.

Bradley was also worried as he knew what a powerhouse The Beast was and it would have had to have taken a lot more to throw him off course.

In true fashion, the quizmaster lived up to his reputation as he smashed his target with plenty of time left on the clock.

The general knowledge guru did applaud his opponent’s efforts but those watching at home took to Twitter to comment.

One viewer wrote of the result: “They had no chance #TheChase,” with a second adding: “Beast boy cleared them outta the park #TheChase.”

A third posted: “They were too slow during the first half #TheChase,” with a fourth sharing the same sentiments as they remarked: “#TheChase way too slow.”

“#TheChase it’s getting disappointing now. The questions Mark got tonight were so simple kids at a junior school could answer,” a fifth declared.

Whilst a sixth commented: “The *another eleven at that speed* is a bit spurious because if the target *is* in the mid-twenties, The Chasers are more likely to make errors.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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