Manhunt sparks fan outrage as Delroy Grant attempts to frame son for his crimes
23rd September 2021

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Manhunt: The Night Stalker fans were left fuming during the last episode of the series as evil Delroy Grant attempted to frame his own son for his horrendous crimes.

Viewers of the ITV drama were left "outraged" as they watched the concluding scenes that saw Delroy try to throw his own flesh and blood under the bus.

As the episode played out, Twitter was ablaze with angry online users who were left totally "creeped out".

One tweet read: "#ManHunt identifying his own son for some of the crimes."

A second online user vented: "Is this sicko reaaaaallllly trying to blame his son. Excusssse me what a TURD #ManHunt."

Another said: "He's trying to incriminate his own son, wtf?? creepy af #Manhunt."

While a forth blasted: "What a truly horrible b*****d he is trying to frame his son. #manhunt."

Fans have been hooked on the drama which is based on the true events of capturing a notorious rapist and burglar who targeted loan pensioners at night.

Real-life detective Colin Sutton tells the story about the investigation that had been carried out by the Metropolitan Police in a bid to catch the evil culprit.

The ITV series follows the line of enquiry, with detectives working tirelessly to catch a criminal who targeted elderly people in southeast London.

From 1992 to 2009 Delroy Grant, who is a convicted rapist, carried out over 100 assaults – primarily attacking elderly women who lived alone.

On Wednesday, an intense chase saw Colin Sutton – played by Martin Clunes – come desperately close to tracking down the Night Stalker but to no avail.

Jude Akuwudike played the role of the serial rapist and burglar and fans already can't wait to see him on screens again.

"I can't handle this. I hope we see the actor who's playing Delroy Grant on tv more. I quite like him. #ManHunt," explained one person.

While another added: "Fabulous acting by all of the Manhunt cast but #martinclunes and #judeakuwudike are outstanding actors."

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