MAFS UK’s Erica Roberts addresses ‘awful’ fight she ‘struggled’ to watch back
2nd December 2023

Erica Roberts has revealed that one of her "hardest moments" on Married At First Sight was a fight between Jordan Gayle and Luke Worley.

The 25-year-old, from Edinburgh, was matched with 26 year old personal trainer Jordan on the E4 show where they met for the first time at the altar.

The pair had a rocky journey throughout their marriage but dance teacher Erica has confessed the hardest part of the whole show wasn't drama between the couple.

She said that she "struggled" the most when her husband became embroiled in an argument with Luke, 30, who took a swing at Jordan.

Luke, who was matched with his now-ex Jay Howard, was ejected from the show following the confrontation with Jordan, who has spoken about his past trauma with domestic violence.

In an interview, Erica told the Daily Mail: "At the time that was awful, it was horrible dealing with that, I think coming on a show like MAFS, you never expect something like that to happen – on any show to be honest or even just in normal life you wouldn't expect someone to come banging on your door and trying to fight you!

"So that was really shocking for both of us, but the fact that we had each other in that moment, I would say that was one of the hardest parts as a couple for us, but the fact that we had each other made it so much better."

Now that the show is over, Jordan and Luke have organised a boxing fight, to settle their differences off-screen for good.

The boxing match is due to take place in February next year. Erica said: "I feel like they have to [put everything behind them], there's no point dragging it out, if they don't like each other and they're never going to be friends, so that's fine, we can deal with that, but I do think the boxing match is a good way to settle things, the gentleman way in a ring, where it's supervised with a referee and they've got gloves on, it's the best way to do it."

After the incident, Erica said that Jordan felt he wasn't able to properly defend himself in the scenes on the show because of the way they were edited.

She said: "The situation that happened on the show, the TV edit doesn't get to really show what fully happened, but again, in that moment, Jordan felt like he wasn't able to defend himself because of being on the show."

Erica also shared how she "struggled" watching some of the show back.

She added: "I would say quite a few things weren't said more than anything, like I just think there's a lot of context that gets missed out with things in certain situations.

"There's obviously a lot more than goes on than what the viewer gets to see. That's one of the most difficult things I struggled with watching it back because I was like 'yes, but there's so much context missing' and it can give people the wrong idea, but that's just TV."

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