MAFS groom ‘gobsmacks’ mum in awkward chat as he confesses to marrying stranger
31st August 2021

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Luke Dawson will be getting married to a total stranger on Married At First Sight, and his mum has said his bombshell needs to "sink in".

He returned to his family home to share the news with his parents as he dreaded their response while he takes on the unusual decision of marrying someone he has never met.

Luke, who says his mum's opinion is vitally important to him, confessed he was "bricking it" before he shared the news.

With all eyes on him at his parents house, Luke – with a coffee in one hand and dog in the other – tells them: "I'm getting married to a complete stranger."

His mum says: "It needs to sink in a little bit, I've got to be honest."

Speaking privately, his mum also says the news was absolutely gobsmacking, but as he was looking for love, he was willing to take a step over the line to find it.

Luke has been described by MAFS bosses as the "perfect gentleman", but after his confidence was crushed through his last relationship, he was left devastated.

However it looks like he's now ready to take the leap – and a big one at that – back into the dating world by skipping it all and heading straight down the aisle.

Before he went on the show he confessed that he knew he would have things in common with his wife-to-be, adding: "Because they've done the same thing, they must be in a similar circumstance to me."

Luke announced that he would be going on MAFS earlier this month as he shared the news on Instagram, writing: "I don't do things by half! Here it is, officially part of the MAFS gang. Wish me luck."

But it looks like Luke doesn't need luck, just the well-thought-out charm and skills from the experts who pair the individuals up with "the one".

Rather than legal marriages, contestants will be making a lifelong commitment to one another with a ceremony and celebration as you would see at a wedding.

The pair will then head on their luxurious honeymoon, before moving in together – and with their fellow couples.

Relationships will truly be put to the test, and couples will choose whether they want to stay in or leave throughout the series.

The new series of Married at First Sight UK continues on E4 this evening at 9pm.

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