Love Island’s Toby ‘gets excited’ as he and Chloe share bed for first time
11th July 2021

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The Euros final isn't the only highly anticipated broadcast this evening, with Love Island's weekly Sunday instalment set to be full of speed dates and steamy sleepover stunts.

Fans are eager to find out what will happen between Essex-born Toby and Bicester-based Chloe, after the pair shared a kiss during a challenger earlier this week.

Tonight's episode promises an exciting update and viewers will see things escalate between the new love interests.

Chloe and Toby – along with Millie and Liam – will be shaking things up as they choose to sleep outside, away from the respective other half of their "couple."

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As both new couples get close, Toby and Chloe will enjoy an al fresco sleepover filled with snogs and pillow talk.

Although Chloe is coupled up with Hugo, she has revealed there is "no chance" of romance blossoming between the two of them.

This was made abundantly clear during the Line of Booty task; when Hugo was made to watch his partner lock lips with Toby in front of him.

Chloe and Toby shared another snog, outside of the challenge, later in the episode.

Toby, who appeared to initially have been enjoying a more successful coupling up with Kaz, decided to call things quits with her in Friday's episode.

Bringing up his feelings towards Chloe with Kaz, in a bid to get everything out in the open, Toby attempted to explain how he wants to explore things further with the busty blonde.

In his efforts to soften the blow Toby informed Kaz he "still likes her, but…" to which Kaz replied: "you mean, I like you, but not a lot."

Once Toby had explained himself, Chloe also approached fashion blogger Kaz, to apologise for what had been dubbed "snakey" behaviour.

After shrugging it off, Kaz appears set on ditching any ideas of romance with Toby, as advised by other members of the girl group.

While Toby and Chloe focus on finding a connection, Kaz won't be lonely for long thanks to newcomer Teddy Soares, due to enter the villa tonight.

Also in store for the Sunday night episode is another recoupling; and this time, it's the boys' decision.

To avoid a schedule clash with tonight's football, Love Island has been pushed back an hour, and will be starting at 10pm. Aftersun is also due to start an hour later, at 11pm.

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