Love Island’s Sanam reveals disgusting villa secret which made her ‘want to go home’
19th June 2023

As it turns out, being a contestant on the popular ITV2 show is not as glamorous as it may seem. Winter Love Island winner Sanam Harrinanan has shed light on the unsightly aspects of villa life that remain hidden from the television screens, revealing one side that is downright disgusting.

Sanam, 24, who emerged as the winner of the show alongside her boyfriend Kai Fagan, 24, recently revealed that the Islanders have to share just two toilets, and with as many as a dozen individuals residing in the villa simultaneously, the situation became so unpleasant that she even contemplated leaving the show at one point.

Speaking on the Cocktails and Takeaways podcast, Sanam said: “Living with like 12, 14 other people was horrid because, like I said, there’s only two toilets and one shower in that whole villa you see up in there.

“The only thing that made me think ‘I wanna go home’ is whenever I’d go to the toilet, I see that the [seat]’s lifted up and just pee all over the floor and seat.”

The Love Island winner also revealed she would disinfect the toilet seat after all the Islanders’ “sweaty bums” had been on it and even revealed she found “skid marks” in the loo.

When it came to showering, the situation didn’t get much better. Sanam explained: “When I have a razor, I use my razor and I put it away in my little basket thing. In the shower, there’s about 12 different razors and some of those razors just had hair on them and I used to hate going into that shower because I would think, ‘Who’s shaving and not tapping it or washing it?’"

Kai has also previously shared some secrets from his time in the villa, revealing which couple secretly got intimate. Kai and Sanam revealed that runners-up Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins, both 25, did actually have sex while in the South African villa but Ron came up with a clever trick to not get caught by TV bosses.

Speaking to HeatWorld, Kai explained: "Ron told me, 'What I'm going to do, Kai, is put my leg up, put my blanket over my leg so there's loads of space and so you can't see what's happening with my hands underneath'."

He continued: "There was definitely sexual chemistry there because he got called to the Beach Hut quite a few times!"

Sanam then added: "Trust me, we're in the bedroom!"

Lana and Ron responded to the interview, which was shared on TikTok, with Lana writing: "OI YOU TWO crying," with a string of laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, Ron added: "@Kai Fagan outing all my tips and tricks! where there’s a will there’s a way!!"


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