Love Island’s meet the parents teased as Liberty’s mum says ‘I’m on my way’
19th August 2021

Love Island contestants famously get to meet the parents of their partners during their final few days in the villa, and one parent has hinted that they're heading over to Majorca now.

After Liberty Poole was seen bawling in Wednesday night's teaser as she told Jake Cornish that she doesn't think they're right for each other, her mum has taken to Instagram to reassure her daughter.

Liberty's mum Jo shared a stunning photo of her 21-year-old daughter as she shared her devastation of seeing Liberty in tears.

She wrote: "Seeing Lib so upset last night has broken my heart. I'm feeling her pain.

"She's about to get the biggest cuddle of her life! I'm on my way."

A friend then commented on the post and said they had asked Jo if Liberty was leaving Love Island, which saw Jo respond: "No, I'm going in."

Jo's determination to go into the Love Island villa comes as Liberty seems to end things with Jake in the teaser.

In the first look, Liberty cries to Faye and tells her: "I've just got to be true to myself and I can't do this. If I'm giving someone 100% energy and I'm not getting it returned then I would rather walk out of here, Faye, knowing that I've left with my head held high and knowing that I've stayed true to myself the whole way through."

Faye reassures Liberty and adds: "You have stayed true to yourself, that's why you're staying here."

Liberty then says: "I don't want to stay in the villa with someone who doesn't like me or love me, I don't want to be fake to myself and do that."

Faye smiles to Liberty and adds: "Lib, we all love you."

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Liberty says: "I can't be fake and pretend that I'm happy with someone when I'm not."

An exit from the villa seems to be on Liberty's mind, but Faye already seems to be adamant that Liberty isn't going anywhere, but it's looking like her relationship with Jake is going south.

Liberty has been left concerned about her relationship with Jake at multiple points during their time in Love Island, but it seems they've hit their breaking point.

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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