Love Island’s Faye slammed by fans over unseen clip mocking Dale’s ‘fake teeth’
8th August 2021

Love Island hot-head Faye Winter has been branded a "hypocrite" by fans over footage of her mocking Dale Mehmet’s teeth as fake.

It comes as the blonde faces calls to be axed after going on the rampage at Teddy Soares and the rest of the villa lads.

The series’ Unseen Bits show revealed a clip of Faye attacking Dale’s gnashers while the girls watched the guys work out in the grounds of the Mallorca compound.

Faye, 26, who was sitting on a lounger, said: “Dale, you can’t reach the bar, don’t embarrass yourself. You’ll knock those fake teeth out on the bar.”

Model Mary Bedford, 22, who is partnered with the Scot, scolded Faye and retorted: “Don’t speak to my man like that!”

One of droves of fans slamming her for the remark vented online: “Faye is a hypocrite! She went crazy the other week when Hugo mentioned the word ‘fake’, yet she had a dig at Dale telling him to watch his ‘fake’ teeth when he was doing the lifts on the bars!”

Faye, 26, and ex Islander Sharon Gaffka, 25, were embroiled in the first bullying row of the series as they confronted Hugo Hammond about using the word fake.

Axed PE teacher Hugo, 24, said he wasn’t a fan of “fake personality and looks” referring to women who’ve had plastic surgery.

The comments sent Faye into such a fury she made Hugo burst into tears.

Faye has also been seen in Unseen Bits branding Teddy, 26, “creepy” over a set of harmless dance moves before their furious bust-up.

Love Island bosses are facing calls to boot out the blonde after the lettings agent exploded at Teddy.

The Devon-born lass went on a hysterical rampage at the weekend after previous scenes from the villa were played to Islanders in a “movie night” challenge – including one in which Teddy kissed “bombshell” Clarisse Juliette, 23.

Faye told Teddy on tonight’s show she was struggling to trust him and would “rather be done than hurt”.

Teddy replied: “I can’t swallow the pill, it doesn’t make sense to me.”

But Strictly Come Dancing pro James Jordan, 43, is among an army of fans urging Teddy to forget Faye.

The dancer branded Faye vicious in a tweet that said: “She’s just not a nice person and very, very aggressive. Teddy should stay as far away as possible.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 and ITV Hub at 9pm

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