Love Island's Amber looks like she’s falling for new boy Greg – just as Michael decides he wants her back
17th July 2019

AMBER Gill looks like she’s falling for new Love Island boy Greg O'Shea – just as her ex Michael Griffiths decides he wants her back.

After being taken out on a romantic date on the Hideaway balcony, Amber looks smitten as she flirts and giggles with the Irish hunk.

In a first look at tonight's episode, Amber admits feeling "happier" now that he's arrived.

She's also impressed when Michael says they should "cheers" to her being spoiled.

When pressed on getting to know Greg the morning after, giggly Amber admits: "I don't know what to say to him."

She tells the Beach Hut: "I find it hard meeting new people.

"I just want to kind of be normal, it's quite hard for me to do that when I just want to let my imagination run wild. "

Anna later confides in her couple Jordan that Greg could bring Michael and Amber back together.

She said: "Maybe Greg coming in will make Michael realise about Amber. But then would Amber go back there after everything?"

It's bad timing for old flame Michael who is struggling with his feelings for Amber since Joanna left.

The Sun Online revealed Michael will confess he still fancies Amber on tonight's show after growing jealous about her date with Greg.

On Sunday’s show, hours before Joanna was booted out from the island, Amber, 21, admitted she was still into Michael – but he knocked her back.

In a dramatic U-turn Michael pulls Amber for a chat tonight to tell her how he feels after her date with Greg made him envious.

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