Love Island viewers dub Tommy Fury and Maura’s age gap ‘creepy’ as he admits he wants an ‘older woman’ – The Sun

TOMMY Fury and Maura Higgins' eight year age gap is creeping out some Love Island fans.

The smitten pair have hit it off after enjoying a romantic date in the garden on Wednesday night's show, much to the annoyance of Tommy's partner Molly-Mae.

It shouldn't come as a surprise though as Tommy,20, previously said he liked an older woman and 28-year-old Maura seems to fit the bill.

Viewers have voiced their opinions on Twitter, with one writing: "You can tell the age gap between Maura and Tommy. Tommy was like a boy on that woman’s strings."

Another said: "Maura going for a guy 8 years younger than her is weird specially him being 20, the age gap is huge at those ages."

A third posted: "Just found out Maura is 28 while Tommy has hardly turned 20 talking about wrapping her legs round his neck ffs what sort of cradle snatcher #LoveIsland."

While a fourth said: "just clocked that maura is 28 and tommy is only 20 ? ngl it makes what she says about him a bit creepy #LoveIsland."

The show looks set to be a scorcher tonight as things between Maura and Tommy heat up, with the boxer revealing current partner Molly-Mae doesn’t turn him on.

In a preview of tonight’s show, it’s teased the two get hot and heavy with the potential of a steamy kiss.

Last night’s explosive episode saw Maura hit it off with Tommy over dinner, causing outrage to Molly-Mae and the other girls.

After a day of reflection, Tommy and Maura get together for a chat in one of the garden beds.

Speaking about their feelings, Tommy tells Maura he’s “hugely attracted” to her as they gaze at one another with serious sex eyes.

The brunette stunner then suggestively asks him, “Does she turn you on as much I do?”

Looking like he might burst, the 20-year-old replies: “You know you’re f***ing sexy”

Pushing for more, the County Longford beauty teases: “And what if I asked you to kiss me?”

Viewers will have to wait until tonight to see what happens, with fans excited about what it could mean for Molly-Mae and how she will react.

At the beginning of the clip Maura and fellow newbie Elma Pazar are watching the boxer workout from the terrace area.

Maura comments: “Tommy’s starting to sweat now. It’s actually turning me on.

“It is still early days but I know what I want.”

“And you’re going to get it,” replies Elma, a cheeky smile dancing over her face before the girls erupt into giggles.

Last night the cougar, 28, couldn't resist jumping at the opportunity to snuggle up with Tommy, despite the fact he'd had a furious bust up with Molly-Mae just moments before.

"Tommy, do you want to join me?" the Irish beauty flirted, as she lay in bed on the first night of her Love Island experience.

Somehow, Tommy managed to resist – but only because Molly-Mae's eyes were burning into the back of his head from the other side of the room.

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