Love Island lads have ‘open door policy’ which leads to awkward toilet sights
16th October 2020

Love Island's Michael Griffiths and Danny Williams have revealed their new house, which they share with co-stars Chris Taylor and Jordan Hames, has just one rule – no doors allowed.

The lads, who rose to fame on the fifth series of the ITV2 hit series, have moved in together and are documenting their antics on new show MTV Living the Dream.

They've lived together before, of course, though in very different circumstances, so they've put some very specific rules in place.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Michael, 29, said: "The only rule in our house is no doors allowed, we have an open door policy.

"No matter what you're doing, the doors are never locked. You could be on the toilet and someone will walk in or by.

"It's just an open door policy – we have to let guests no."

He added: "But no, we don't really have any rules, we just go with if you use something put it back, that's it."

Model Danny, 23, told us: "It's one of them, we're all quite similar in our mentalities, just treat us how you want to be treated, then there shouldn't be any issue really, it's as simple as that."

The new online series follows Michael, Chris, , and Jordan, , as they move from their swanky London pad to a stunning house in Essex, inviting Danny to live with them too.

Michael said: "We’re not exactly strangers to filming ourselves and being on camera and now MTV is giving us the chance to film our own show, giving viewers unfiltered access into parts of our lives you wouldn’t see every day.

"Living with the boys has been a laugh and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we’ve been up to."

The series is self-filmed, meaning viewers will get to see all the intimate parts of their lives – but hopefully not their toilet habits.

Don’t miss MTV Living the Dream Friday 16th of October on MTV International’s YouTube, BET International’s Facebook pages and MTV UK’s Facebook

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