Love Island fans vow to boycott show following Will’s ‘plot twist’
13th February 2023

Love Island: Layla questions Will on his connection with Jessie

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On Monday night’s instalment of the ITV2 dating show, fans saw the original islanders divided into two separate villas as the ultimate relationship test of Casa Amor commenced. Although many predicted Will Young and Jessie Wynter would remain unphased by the new arrivals, Love Island fans were left stumped by the 23-year-old farmer’s antics during the show.

With the original girls in the villa off on their Casa Amor getaway, they were introduced to six new boys to see whether or not they’d remain loyal to their partners back in the other villa.

Sat down getting to know the new arrivals, Jessie confessed it was going really well with her couple Will as she told them it would take a lot for her head to be turned.

However, back at the villa it seemed as though Will had a different outlook as he started to get to know 28-year-old bombshell Layla Al-Momani.

Having a private chat, the Casa Amor babe told the farmer it looked as though he fell in love quickly, before saying it seemed Jessie had come in and had been what he wanted.

Asking if she didn’t think their connection was real, Layla replied: “I’m not going to say it’s not real, because I’ve not seen you and I don’t know.

“But, I wouldn’t say it’s like- I don’t know, it could be.”

Although she confessed they weren’t suited before the conversation turned flirty as he spoke about potentially seeing each other on the outside.

He commented: “If I were to take you out where would your ideal date be? I’m just asking, I’m just pre-planning. I’m just creating notes.”

Complimenting her looks, Will told Layla there was something about her as the duo smiled at each other giddily.

When asked if there were any of the boys in the villa she was liking so far, Layla coyly avoided the question.

She replied: “I’m not going to answer that until tonight because I want to tell you tonight.”

As the show drew to a close, viewers saw Will and Layla’s connection develop as it appeared the 23-year-old was leaning in for a kiss.

Although fans seemed stumped by Will’s behaviour with many vowing they won’t watch the series if he’s unloyal to Jessie.

Taking to social media to share their outrage, Emma12556 tweeted: “If Will and Jessie break up I’m not watching anymore they were the only reason I kept watching”

ALilBitAlexisss commented: “pls let that just be edited to look bad…I swear to god, if Will hurts Jessie… I’m done watching.”

HelloThereVicks said: “I actually refuse to continue watching it if Will turns into a villain.”

Alicewellsx added: “If farmer Will kisses that girl then I’m not watching anymore.”

Quornst_r tweeted: “if Will’s head turns I’m not watching anymore wth #LoveIsland”

47inw commented: “I’m quitting watching love island. WILL..????.”

Love Island continues weekdays on ITV1 and ITV2 from 9pm.

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