Love Island fans think producers forced Gemma and Davide age chat after backlash
9th June 2022

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Love Island viewers are convinced Gemma, 19, and Davide, 27, were “forced” to discuss their 8-year age gap after fans dubbed it “creepy.”

The pair coupled up when Davide stole Gemma from love interest Liam, leaving him single.

But fans were turned off by the pair’s age gap.

On tonight’s episode, the pair finally acknowledged their age difference, but viewers believe producers “forced” the chat after backlash from viewers.

One viewer blasted: “Hmmm that statement from Gemma about his age sounded forced, feel like the producers told them to have the convo.”

A second echoed: “Producers really forced them to address the age thing huh,” while a third dissed their pairing completely saying: He knows how old she is but isn’t bothered because she’s ‘mature’ for her age? Find that villa on AirBnB and SEND THE COPS TO IT.”

Ekin-Su was then seen flirting with Davide, making him breakfast and inviting him to do a workout with her.

Determined not to be dumped, Gemma turned her sights to Luca, who is getting to know Tasha.

After telling him she was interested in getting to know him, he responded telling her he thought she was “very attractive” and said he would “switched beds tonight if he could.”

Bombshell Afia Tonkmor shocked fans when she made a savage swipe at Gemma Owen's age.

Lounge Host Afia walked into the villa with Turkish actress Ekin-Su on Thursday night (June 9) – and both of the ladies made a big first impression on boys and girls in the villa.

Afia certainly didn't hold back when it came to her unfiltered opinion of Michael Owen's daughter Gemma, who is the youngest contestant ever to appear on the ITV dating show.

She took a brutal swipe at the teen when she said Gemma wasn't much competition for Ekin-Su.

Afia said to Ekin-Su: "I don't think an 18 year old is your competition."

Fans were floored by the dig and flocked to Twitter to comment.

One wrote: "don’t think an 18 year old is your competition… Afia woke up and chose violence"

A second asked: "Did she really say " EIGHTEENTH YEAR OLD isn’t your competition"

Another commented: "a gyal said "I don't think an 18 year old is your competition" AHHHH"

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