Love Island fans spot ‘staged’ moment as Anna and Yewande swap places mid-scene

Love Island 2019 viewers have called out the show for being “set up” after one fan pointed out a scene where something didn’t seem right.

Lucie Donlan was recently shown breaking down with the girls after hearing Amy Hart had spoken about her.

The surfer began crying as she questioned why people couldn’t understand that she got on better with boys than girls.

She was comforted by fellow islanders Yewande Biala, Amber Gill, Maura Higgins and Anna Vakili.

But viewers spotted something odd during the scene around the fire pit, that they believe “proved” the scene was staged.

Fans were left asking if the scene had been filmed more than once, after noticing two islanders switch places without it being shown on camera.

Yewande was initially sat on the end of the sofa, but her and Anna swapped places in the short clip.

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Taking to Twitter , one fan commented: “This Lucie crying ‘scene’ last week really sums this season up. Anna & Yewande somehow swap positions mid scene whilst Lucie is crying.”

Another tweeted: “Oooerrr! That's naughty,” as a third agreed: “This is why I don’t watch this s**t.”

But as ITV repeated once more that the series is not scripted, fans pointed out what really happened in the scene, proving it was not set up.

One fan tweeted: “No if you watch the full clip you can see their shadows swapping.”

Another agreed: “In the video you see Anna’s shadow move as they change seats.”

So they did move places on camera, but the scene focused on Lucie amid her upset hence why viewers did not see them get up.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.

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