Love Is Blind season 2 couples that are still together ahead of new reunion show
16th September 2022

Love Is Blind season two followed a group of singletons who were on the hunt for love and were prepared to meet their potential soulmates at the alter for the first time.

Season two saw plenty of ups and downs between the six couples, from Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee's on and off relationship to Jarette Jones' initial indecisiveness when it came to the proposals.

The latest series of Love Is Blind was filmed back in April 2021, with the reunion show airing in March 2022.

Now, fans of the show will see the couples seven months on from the reunion episode as they finally find out who kept their wedding vows and which relationships have sadly ended in divorce following filming.

Love Is Blind season 2: After The Alter has finally been released on Netflix today (September 16) – but which couples are still together?

Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl

Nick and Danielle were the first couple to get engaged on season two of Love Is Blind.

Their whirlwind relationship then saw the couple meet for the first time in Mexico, however, they soon experienced their first argument which was then quickly resolved due to the deep connection they formed during their time in the pods.

Following the end of season two, Danielle posted a series of very honest Instagram posts about her mental health and explained her panic attack in Mexico, stating that she ‘had a traumatic experience in college’ and was triggered.

The Love Is Blind season two finale revealed that Nick and Danielle finally said 'I do' but sadly, on August 22, 2022, Danielle filed for divorce just after the couple celebrated their one year anniversary.

Abhishek "Shake" Chatterjee and Deepti Vempati

Abhishek, also known as Shake, caused a stir with viewers during season two of Love Is Blind due to his unusual tactics inside the pods.

However, he did managed to form a connection with Deepti and the pair soon got engaged before meeting in the flesh.

Shake later voiced his concerns around commitment and in the season finale of the show, viewers watched as Deepti said "I don't" at the altar.

The bride revealed in the finale that she “deserves somebody who knows for sure,”, after Shake got cold feet around their physical interactions.

Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams

Shaina and Kyle formed a great bond in the pods and the pair soon got engaged before going on the Mexican retreat.

However, when the couple were in Mexico, Shaina hinted that her and Kyle had called it quits.

Shaina said that “I just feel like we’re both passionate about what we believe in, and we’re both not going to change. I feel like I do know in my head what I actually feel. I can leave Mexico a single woman.”

Kyle refused to lose hope on the relationship and told the producers that he’d have her fall in love with him before the show ended.

The pair then reconciled after Shaina declared her feelings for Shayne Jansen on the show but their romance was short-lived.

Kyle later told US Weekly: “There’s nothing left. I mean, we’re not friends or anything. She doesn’t come out much. That ship has sailed.”

Shaina recently tied the knot to fiancé Christos Lardakis and according to the second episode of After the Altar, Kyle is now in a relationship with long-term friend Deepti.

Mallory Zapata and Salvador 'Sal' Perez

Mallory and Sal connected in the first few episodes of Love Is Blind as they both bonded over their backgrounds.

However, another contestant, Jarrette Jones, proposed to Mallory but she decided to turn him down to focus on Sal.

Sal and Mallory then made it down the aisle in the season finale but Sal left Mallory at the altar after he stated that they "needed more time".

In the first episode of After The Altar, Sal confirmed that he was in a new relationship while Mallory is still single.

Jarette Jones and Iyanna McNeely

Following Jarette's failed proposal to Mallory, he then ended up getting engaged to Iyanna.

Iyanna was initially hesitant following his proposal to Mallory but their bond continued to grow during the Mexican retreat, with Iyanna telling producers: “I do trust him. He’s a grown man. What would break my heart is if he lied to me.”

The season finale saw Iyanna and Jarette finally tie the knot, however, the romance did not have a fairy tale ending.

On August 18, 2022, the couple announced via Instagram that they are getting a divorce.

In a joint statement the couple said that “coming to this decision was far from easy” and that they “don’t regret a single thing.”

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

Shayne and Natalie did not have an easy ride during Love Is Blind season two.

In the series, Shayne found himself in the centre of a love triangle between Shaina and Natalie.

The love triangle was then exposed when he decided to take the plunge and propose to Natalie.

However, during their Mexican retreat, Natalie dropped hints that she and Shayne were on different wavelengths.

"I know about Shayne’s night-time routine. I know that he sleeps with the TV and eats in bed, and that’s my worst nightmare, so we’re going to have to figure that out tonight,” she said in a confessional.

Natalie then left Shayne at the altar during the season finale and she told viewers: “When I was walking down the aisle with my dad, I thought about how my dad makes me feel so safe and secure. And it’s because I know that he always puts me in front of him. And I can trust him fully. And I realized I just don’t have those same feelings anymore for Shayne."

The couple then had an on/off relationship after filming, with Natalie confirming during the first episode of After The Altar that they were no longer together.

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