Lorraine Kelly rages at ‘really bad’ weight loss drug after shedding 1.5st
19th September 2023

Lorraine Kelly has hit back at dodgy weight loss drugs, warning the public that they don't know what they're really taking.

But while the aim of shedding the pounds is a positive health goal, if done under incorrect circumstances, it can have extremely dangerous ramifications.

In an important documentary, entitled, 'The Truth about the Skinny Jab,' Naked Attraction host, Anna Richardson, discovered exactly what goes on in the criminal world and sat down on the sofa to tell Lorraine all about her experience.

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Explaining her concern, she said: "The thing that shocked me in the making of the film is the selling of fake pharmaceuticals on the black market."

An appalled Lorraine interrupted: "It could be anything that you're getting" as Anna responded: "It's criminal behaviour."

Semaglutide, branded as Ozempic, is a drug that can help the user to lose weight. However, the UK is currently struggling to distribute it to those in need.

Anna said: "There's been an off-label prescribing of semaglutide by private GPs who've been given the directive to not sell it for weight loss as there's now a national shortage, but they're still doing it if you're willing to pay."

Lorraine replied: "That's really bad. This was meant for diabetes, and there's going to be a situation where diabetics might not get the drug they need because of the demand."

Throwing in his expertise, Dr Amir Khan stressed: "Don't get anything that isn't from a registered practitioner who you can look up legitimately before ordering it.

"There are criteria for when you can use this. Don't use it off-licensed. Just use it when it's supposed to be used."

He concluded: "There is no quick fix for weight loss. We all want a quick fix, but there isn't one. There is a big psychological impact around weight and why people put it on.

"We're not saying that just eating right and exercising is going to solve it. All of the reasons need to be unpicked, and that's so important."

Lorraine is said to have lost two dress sizes after joining Weight Watchers, and slammed fad diets , telling The Independent: “I think it’s crazy in January all of a sudden to say, ‘I’m going for a 10-mile run’, or going on a stupid, faddy diet, because they don’t work.

"We know diets don’t work – you will lose weight, but you’ll just put it all back on again because it’s not sustainable. It’s great to have goals, but make it realistic. Because so many people towards the end of [January] are just like, ‘Oh forget it’, and that’s sad.”

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