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3rd January 2023

LOOSE Women fans are convinced that Carol McGiffin and Brenda Edwards have a secret "feud" after the pair got into a fiery clash live on-air.

On Monday's episode, Ruth Langsford returned to the panel joined by Kéllé Bryan, Carol and Brenda as they discussed the most topical issues of the day.

But it wasn't long before things reached boiling point as they discussed whether it was fair for mums to look after their kids while working from home.

Carol explained that it was unfair for those colleagues who don't have children and often have to pick up the slack for working mothers.

She said: "That's been going on for years, I used to have a proper job when I was working in an office and they are constantly taking time off. And they just go okay then.

"There is inequality in the workplace in that sense."


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But an unhappy Brenda hit back: "I resent that comment because I'm not one of them, I was a working mum of two children."

Carol quickly piped up: "I wasn't saying you."

Brenda continued: "I made sure I didn't take time off for this, that or the other but I worked very successfully with my two children alongside me and if you can monitor the work then there are no other people taking up the slack for me, I did my work and I took great pride in that."

Carol tried to explain: "But don't take it so personally Brenda," to which she yelled: "It's hard to not take it personally when you're saying those people are getting special treatment from anybody."

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Carol continued: "I did work in a workplace that everybody was doing the same job and some people were always taking time off – by people who don't have kids, we are always having to pick up the slack and do extra time.

"It's like Christmas holidays and Easter holidays, the people with children always get the priority."

Brenda fired back: "I didn't get the priority."

Carol said: "Like Christmas I don't get time off, they always give it to the people with kids.

"Don't get me started on maternity leave, where is my nine months off."

The pair then began screaming over each other as Brenda explained that she worked two jobs with kids, while Carol said she wasn't aiming it at her.

Brenda concluded: "You shouldn't generalise then."

Viewers were stunned as the pair got into a heated row, with many suggesting there may be underlying issues between the pair.

One wrote: "Well that escalated quickly between Carol and Brenda."

Another posted: "Brenda and Carol are feuding non-stop today."

A third added: "Wow Brenda Edwards is p***** off at Carol."

They were also at loggerheads as they discussed Prince Harry's new ITV interview, with Carol suggesting he should "put a sock in it" and "stop going on and acting like a victim".

But Brenda was having none of it and defended the Prince for having his say.

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They swiftly moved the conversation onto New Year's resolution, with Carol taking a dim view on them.

Brenda hit out at Carol for "bring so much negativity" and told her to lighten up.

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