Loose Women clash over Boris Johnson apology as some say it’s ‘not enough’
20th April 2022

Loose Women host Christine Lampard was joined by Carol McGiffin, Judi Love and Gloria Hunniford on the show to discuss the recent apology from the Prime Minister.

Christine asked the panellists if people should “move on” or whether he should be held “fully accountable”.

Gloria said although she “understands” that people couldn’t have “weddings, funerals, or visit family in hospital”, she is “bored” of the narrative.

She said: “There is so much else going on in our lives, so if I’m being really honest, though I understand the backlash, I’m getting bored of the topic. I think we’ve discussed it enough and he did say he bitterly regrets it.”

She then asked Christine “where to go from there”, to which Carol gave her thoughts.

The 62-year-old said that he should “properly apologise” and “do more” for “all the unnecessary damage done over the last two years”.

Carol called the damage “absolutely massive” but Gloria told her that some of the issues were “international” and that “all prime ministers are human beings that make mistakes”.

Raising her voice a little, Carol then said: “It wasn’t a mistake, what happened over the last few years is not a mistake. International? Yes, it was, it was all over the world, but the point is that now, the realisation has hit a lot of people that actually, a lot of it was really unnecessary and they need to apologise for that.”

Judi said that he looked like he was “tired of saying sorry” and that she thinks the word "sorry" has been “used so much” that it “hasn’t got the weight that it used to”.

Christine then compared Boris Johnson’s apology to her “two children under the age of three” who say "sorry" and “think it’s fine straight away”.

She then addressed the camera and said that Loose Women had conducted a poll with viewers, asking whether “we should accept Boris Johnson’s apology and move on”, to which 71% of people answered no.

Judi was shocked at the figures and Christine called it “quite interesting”, while Carol asked what people wanted instead.

Carol said that it would be “pointless” of Boris to resign as Christine went on to read out viewers' comments.

One fan said that if everyone who broke the rules had lost their jobs, there “would be about three people working in the country right now”.

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