Little Women’s Christy McGinity teams up with nonprofit to help people with disabilities find jobs as she undergoes IVF
21st May 2021

LITTLE Women: LA star Christy McGinity is teaming up with a nonprofit organization to help people with disabilities get employment while she undergoes fertility treatments. 

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Christy, 43, revealed her next role is working with Vantage Point, a non-profit organization based out of San Diego. 

Christy told The Sun of her newest passion: “Vantage Point helps people with disabilities get into job placement. People without disabilities benefit from having people with disabilities in their workplace and vice versa. Our goal is raise awareness about our services to allow as many individuals as possible to access them. 

“We assist people with ranging disabilities and barriers to gain meaningful employment. The barriers could be anything from autism, Aspergers, cerebral palsy, intellectual, emotional, psychiatric, or individuals recently out of incarceration or with criminal records. 

"Our program is person centered, where we step back and get to know the individuals interests, hobbies, and long term goals and help them achieve it through vocational support including resume development, interview practice, teaching them how to network, and researching and completing job applications in their field of interest. 

“It’s a company that has all the values I hold.”

The Lifetime star met Founder and CEO of Vantage Point, Michele Jodock, through a mutual friend. 

Former social worker Michele told The Sun: “We focus on people who fall through the cracks. People that have disabilities or different barriers, but they are super high functioning and belong working in the community.

“There wasn’t anything like we have created in the industry. As a social worker, I worked in the industry for a long time and I just saw a need. We created this program. It took a year to become a vendor of the Department of Rehabilitation. In doing that, it opens up our services at no cost to anyone in the state of California.

“As a non-profit, we accept donations. We’re currently in the process of creating our volunteer database. People can volunteer through that way."

With Christy’s fiance, Gonzo Carazo, living in New York, she will work remote and return to San Diego when needed. 

Christy continued: “I’m going to help her with public speaking and fundraising. That’s my passion right now. I always want to improve people’s lives. When I am being of service, not only am I helping myself, but I am helping others. It’s give and take.

Christy, who has struggled with alcohol abuse in the past, added: “I wouldn’t be alive today if people didn’t help me. I’m 11 years sober, almost 12 years. If I didn’t have people reach out to me and help me and get me rehabilitated, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

While Christy hasn’t reached out to her Little Women: LA costars yet, she plans to invite them to an upcoming fundraiser for the organization on June 30 at Señor Grubby's with 20 percent of all proceeds going to Vantage Point. 

The actress added: “I’m hoping I can help Vantage Point expand to other states, and make a difference and push boundaries for the individuals that need our help. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow at Vantage Point as a company and personally.

“From the blonde bombshell, to the former tatted inmates, to a little woman with a fiery and passionate personality, I’m excited to break barriers with Vantage Point.”

In addition to working with Vantage Point, Christy has been undergoing fertility treatments. 

She said of balancing both: “It’s been hard being away for over a month and a half from my new fiancé Gonzalo. He visited for a week being out in California while I was doing fertility treatments and helping me closing out all my storage.”

In an emotional Instagram video in April, Christy revealed she had started hormone injections to try and get pregnant with her rainbow baby.

As she began to prep an injection, she said: "I'm here in California and I wasn't going to share this right now, I was going to give it a while to practice, but I started injections yesterday.

"And it's been really rough on me and if anybody is out there that knows anything about IVF, or if there's a chat group or a support group, I would love to know where to find it because I'm feeling very alone right now.”

The reality TV star began to inject herself on her stomach as she compared it to getting a tetanus shot in the area.

She said: "It hurts so bad and I don't know why I'm crying but it hurt so freakin' bad. I'm so scared.”

Their late daughter Violet Eva passed away on March 20, 2020 at only two weeks old after she was born premature.

Christy further revealed she will be undergoing an egg retrieval procedure next week.

Christy and Gonzo got engaged in April.

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