Little People fans shocked by Audrey Roloff posting rare 'unfiltered' photo as she cuddles with son Bode, 1
16th July 2021

AUDREY Roloff shocked her fans with a new make-up-free and "unfiltered" selfie alongside her one-year-old son Bode.

The Little People Big World star recently stirred controversy when she left her baby in the pool without floaties during a new swim lesson method.

Audrey, 29, shared a rare new selfie alongside her son Bode as the two soaked up the sun following the class.

The reality star, who normally wears heavy makeup and filters her photos, went for a more natural look as her freckles were exposed on camera.

Fans were shocked by the new photo, as they took to Reddit to discuss the TV personality's deviation from the norm.

'Finally unfiltered'

"I think we finally have an unfiltered picture," one mentioned, opening up the discussion.

"I actually think she looks very pretty. It's much better than her filters and spider lashes," another commented.

A third reasoned: "Agreed! Natural is a much better look on her! As much as I’m not a fan of aubs, she admittedly is pretty."

"I think she looks great. I've always felt she was pretty, but it diminishes the more makeup and filters she uses. On the show, she always looked great, to me," a fourth reasoned.

A final added: "Light makeup and no filters is a good look for her."

Bye Bye Floaties

Audrey caused serious controversy this week when she left her sobbing son Bode in the pool without baby floats.

The TLC star enrolled her child in "infant swimming resource self-rescue program" which aims to teach babies what to do if they fall in the pool.

The instructors instruct the tots how to turn over and float on their backs immediately upon hitting the water during a six-week program.

Audrey has claimed the course is "super-important" for her two young ones,though she said the lessons are "hard" to watch.

"Our instructor always says screaming is good at this age cause then you know they are breathing and you can hear them if they do ever get in a situation where they fall in."

She continued: "And yes, every other kid Bode's age cries walking into class and during.

"I think some of it is also stranger danger and it's hard on your mama heart at first but it's so worth the skills they are learning."

However, fans were not so enthusiastic about the decision, as they slammed the mom for "terrifying" her small children.

"I understand it, but I don’t like it. It can save lives but man that kid seemed terrified. I don’t think I could put my little one through it," one wrote on Reddit.

"I am a swimmer, I learned young, but a child screaming like that isn’t good… he isn’t ready, and forcing it isn’t good or safe," another contributed.

A third questioned Audrey's decision to record the classes, saying: "I will say I would NEVER record that and show it to my 1 million + followers though, that’s for sure.

"She 100% KNOWS she is going to get people talking and blowing up her DMs. She thrives on the attention, doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative."

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