Liam Payne looks totally different with long hair and a beard after lockdown makeover
8th January 2021

LIAM Payne looked almost unrecognisable as he debuted his lockdown look: long, shaggy hair and a bushy beard.

The former One Direction star, 27, seemed a world away from his usual clean-cut appearance in a new video message to fans.

Though he famously grew his locks during the first lockdown, fans of the Familiar singer were surely expecting to see a short crop of brown hair and a bit of stubble at most.

But while Liam was promoting his Saturday livestream concert – which will feature special guest Nina Nesbitt – fans were a tad distracted by their idol’s makeover.

Some were very impressed with the new look, while others noticed a striking resemblance to interpretations of Jesus Christ.


While another mused: “LOOK AT THAT HAIR BROTHER!!!!!!… he looks like Jesus… he looks like Jesus Christ doesn’t he?

“Lol… I mean how Jesus is represented in the movies… 

Another commenter agreed: “Liam Jesus Payne… He look like Jesus ahahaha I love u Payno… ARE YOU JESUS?… 

“I'm looking at Jesus rn holy dear lord… YOU LOOK LIKE JESUS AND I LOVE IT… 

“Is he Liam Payne or Jesus Christ?”

By his own account, the various lockdowns haven't been the easiest time for Liam, who has previously opened up about how it makes it difficult for him to see his son.

The Strip That Down crooner has a three-year-old son named Bear Payne with ex-girlfriend Cheryl, 37, who is ten years his senior.

He confessed to Tings magazine: "[Lockdown is] the longest I haven't seen him in his life.

"But we discussed from the start and for different reasons, me and Cheryl decided I should be away for a little bit.

"It's not unusual for me to be in and out of his life. He's a quiet and chill child. He doesn't worry about things to much.”

It’s understood that Bear currently lives with Cheryl full-time, particularly given Liam’s busy pre-coronavirus schedule.

The dad-of-one has since reportedly become engaged to model Maya Henry after two years of dating.

Interestingly, Liam’s laidback makeover comes at a time when another ex-One Direction boybander has hit headlines for daring new looks.

Watermelon Sugar hitmaker Harry Styles recently hit headlines for experimenting with high fashion by wearing a dress on a recent Vogue cover.

Liam was quick to defend his pal, telling Capital FM: "Oh I thought it was great, I think he’s enjoying himself and he’s free to do as he wishes and you know I just think that people don’t need to be so bothered about stuff.”

Another parallel is the age difference between Harry and rumoured girlfriend, Hollywood actor/director Olivia Wilde.

Like Cheryl was with Liam, Olivia is also ten years older than Harry.

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