Leyla crushed in Emmerdale as Jacob tells her he's ashamed of her
10th January 2023

Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) was desperate to see Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) in tonight’s Emmerdale.

Her son is lying in hospital after being stabbed in a confrontation with Leyla’s drug dealer, Callum (Tom Ashley). Jacob lured Callum to the viaduct to warn him to stay away from his mum after he caught her with drugs. When Jacob produced a knife he’d brought from Leyla’s kitchen he ended up being the one who got stabbed – and almost died as a result.

Knowing that if the police knew that Jacob had initiated the meeting and had gone along with a weapon he could end up being charged, Leyla and David (Matthew Wolfenden) persuaded Jacob to lie and pretend he could remember little about being attacked.

In tonight’s episode Leyla was keen to know if Jacob had stuck to the story, but it was hard to tell whether she was most concerned on her son’s behalf or her own. David certainly thought that Leyla cared more about herself and reiterated that he didn’t want her visiting Jacob in the hospital.

She ignored this and went to see her son anyway and asked him what he’d said about the knife. He said he’d stuck to the story that someone he didn’t know attacked him and Leyla was relieved.

But then Jacob pointed out that he wouldn’t be in hospital at all if she hadn’t been scoring drugs again. ‘You’re still a junkie and you’ve got no self control,’ he told her.

Viewers know that this isn’t true. Leyla did have a moment of weakness when she bought the drugs but she wasn’t planning to take them but she knew it was no use repeating this to her son so she simply apologised again for getting him into that situation.

‘Do not tell me you’re sorry again,’ he told her. ‘It’s all you ever say.’ He told her to leave.

‘I’m ashamed of you,’ he said. ‘And I guess I always will be now.’

A devastated Leyla had no option but to pick up her bag and leave. Is her relationship with her son broken and beyond repair?

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