Laura Whitmore says she doesn’t like all Love Islanders but has to hide feelings
14th August 2021

Love Island host Laura Whitmore has revealed she is not a huge fan of all of the Islanders.

She admitted she has to pretend she's not a fan of the ITV2 show every single time she goes to the villa, which must be quite tricky to hide as she is right in the thick of it.

Laura, 36, spoke candidly on Mo Gilligan’s show, The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan, and the topic turned to the dating show.

She said: "It’s really weird because I’ve been a fan of this show for years, from the start, I love it… and when I go in there, I have to remember that I’m not a fan. I’m there to be serious and not to give anything away."

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Fellow comic Mo asked: “What are your thoughts on the Islanders this year?" and the Irish native let rip.

"Do you know what I’m so fickle as a person, it changes every episode," she revealed.

"Like, my favourite person at the start is now no longer my favourite. And I forgive people quite quickly… Some people I don’t like and then I do like."

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Mo then asked Laura her thoughts about "a lot of people saying it got off to a slow start" and she had an explanation for that too.

"Oh, they say that every year!" she reassured them both.

The mum-of-one said: "Iain [Stirling]’s obviously worked on it for years and he says, 'so week one, they say this. Week One they say there’s no one as good as the previous year. Then week two they start to warm up a little bit.

"'Then week three, they’re kind of getting into it. Then week four, Casa Amor. Bam! Everyone’s into it and they say it’s the best year so far.'”

Getting into the stamina needed for the show Laura said: "We still have two weeks to go. It’s long.”

Controversially, Mo asked if Laura thinks Netflix’s dating show Too Hot to Handle is a potential rival to the well-loved ITV2 offering to which Laura bluntly replied: "Yeah… They’re trying to be like Love Island!"

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Laura also shared that she is double-vaxxed which has allowed her to travel from the Love Island villa in Majorca back home to her husband Iain in London between filming.

In an Instagram Q&A she explained: “I also have to be in London every Sunday as part of my Love Island contract. I need to host Love Island: Aftersun, which I love. It's just so much fun, I love live telly.

"But that's another logistical nightmare, that we need to make sure that I'm always back in time for that. If I could, I'd probably just move into there, I mean who wouldn't?"

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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