King Charles’ ‘silence’ giving him ‘moral high ground’ over Sussexes
19th March 2023

Mark Dolan discusses Prince Harry wanting an apology

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In May this year, the world will watch as King Charles III has his historic coronation ceremony with thousands expected to attend. Despite the ongoing conflict between his son Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the monarch has invited them to be part of the celebration. Speaking about the olive branch on GB News, host Mark Dolan praised the King for taking the moral high ground.

Over the past few months, the nation has witnessed the friction between Prince Harry and his family grow.

Tensions first started to show when his wife Meghan Markle, dropped a series of explosive bombshells during her Oprah Winfrey interview in 2021.

Since then, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex haven’t held back on sharing what their time as a couple was like while carrying out royal duties by releasing a Netflix documentary and memoir.

However, despite the conflict, Harry has made it known he’d like to rekindle his relationship with his father, which the Monarch has seemingly taken on board.

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Deciding to invite them to his Coronation, which falls on the same day as their child’s birthday, Harry and Meghan are yet to confirm whether or not they’ll make an appearance.

Speaking about the monarchy on GB News, host Mark Dolan slammed the royal couple as he paid tribute to how King Charles has handled the ongoing situation.

He said: “Spoiled cry babies Harry and Meghan and their attacks on the Monarchy have achieved only one thing, to make the monarchy more popular.”

The GB News host showed viewers new insight from the polling firm Focal Data which revealed that 55 percent of the public believes it’s a good thing Britain has a monarchy.

Mark continued to highlight that 30 percent of those people agreed strongly, with only 18 percent of people preferring a republic of Britain.

Speaking about King Charles, Mark stated the newly appointed monarch had hit the ground running as preparations for the upcoming coronation are in full swing.

He commented that Charles must be the “people’s King”, in regards to having a scaled-down celebration to be mindful of the public who are currently going through a cost of living crisis.

Mark added: “He started the job with a welcomed spring clean of his own family.”

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After mentioning Prince Andrew’s reported annual salary cut, it wasn’t long before the GB News presenter touched on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

He said: “He’s turfed Harry and Meghan, the ‘ginger winger’ and ‘woke-o-mono’ out of Frogmore cottage, which had me leaping for joy.

“Charles has handled this pair of privacy-obsessed attention seekers perfectly, his ultimate weapon? Silence.

“The dignity in which Charles has allowed this couple to hang themselves out to dry is a credit to him and is straight out of the playbook of his naturally dignified mother, the late great Queen.”

Mark added that the mudslinging and airing of dirty laundry the British public have seen to do with the royals has come from California, not Windsor.

He continued: “Ignoring this couple is their kryptonite, they hate it, it destroys them and long may it continue.

“Charles’ vow of silence and his extraordinarily generous decision to invite the couple to the Coronation secures for him, the moral high ground.

“He’s not picking a fight with this couple because he’s not playing their game.”

Mark told GB News viewers the monarch won’t give Harry and Meghan any ammunition to further cast themselves as millionaire victims

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