Kimberley Garner looks incredible in pink thong bikini on the beach in Anguilla
9th March 2021

KIMBERLEY Garner wowed on the beach in Anguilla as she modelled her own swimwear range.

The former Made In Chelsea star looked great in the 80s inspired hot pink thong bikini.

She hit the beach on the small Caribbean island and soaked up the sun, before returning to her luxury resort for cocktails.

The swimwear designer, 29, managed to escape the UK before lockdown came into place in December.

She has been based at her property in Miami, Florida for the last few months and was able to travel to the Caribbean due to more lenient rules in the US.

She previously said on Instagram: "I bought my place here this time two years ago. It was a massive achievement, still really can't believe it sometimes. I run a business – I'm not an influencer. 

"I am here, but I am very, very strict still. I see people in Tulum and all over going to parties and it doesn't feel right to me.

"I haven't been out to any parties and turned down invites from friends as feel it's just not right to be in a crowd – it's not OK at the moment."

Despite currently living in the States, Kimberley previously said she was determined to keep her Kimberley London brand in the UK to support the economy back home.

She said: "So happy I decided years ago to make my swimwear collection in the UK, it’s much more expensive but at a time like this I feel it’s so important and shines through to be a fully British brand.

“Keeping our UK economy moving.

“My designs are all made in London and I’m proud of that.”

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