Katy Perry angers American Idol fans after ‘shaming’ teen’s audition
28th March 2023

American Idol: Katy Perry issues feedback to 16-year-old contestant

American Idol fans are fuming with judge Katy Perry after claiming she “shamed” a 16-year-old contestant during Sunday’s episode. She said “no” to teenager Paige Anne and viewers of the hit ABC show are absolutely enraged that she almost ended the girl’s chances of getting to Hollywood.

Katy refused to give 16-year-old Paige a “yes” vote after claiming she “wasn’t ready”.

The snow cone employee at Tropical Sno in Idaho Falls had already tried to win over judges with a selection of sweet treats.

“This is my signature flavour called the sour patch kid,” Paige explained before taking to the singing stage.

She added: “It has blue raspberry, with watermelon and sour spray”, before Katy replied: “Oh,” as she sampled the snow cones.

Paige attempted to impress judges with a rendition of Pink’s What About Us.

After singing, Katy said: “That end stuff? That was the sour patch. That was the finishing touch, which made it you.

“In the beginning, it was just ice. Not a whole lotta flavour.

“So it was a real flip. It was like, she’s not ready and then at the end it was like, oh ok, she may be able to compete.”

Fellow judge Lionel Richie was clearly impressed and voted “yes” to pass Paige on her way to Hollywood.

However, saying no, Katy explained: “I don’t think you’re yet ready.”

“It’s a no for me,” she blasted.

Judge Luke Bryan actually ended up giving Paige her second yes, allowing her to progress to the singing competition’s next round.

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Fans flocked to social media after Katy delivered her “no” vote, with some calling Paige’s performance “phenomenal”.

Taking to Reddit, user u/aprillrose81 wrote: “Is it just me or is Katy Perry insufferable?

“Why must she make every person’s audition about her? I hope for at least one new judge next season.”

U/Nerazzurri9 added: “The only thing worse than every audition being a sob story is Katy using every auditioner’s sob story as her personal soap box.”

While U/ IndependentPrice7546 backed up Katy, saying: “Katie makes me laugh.

“I love how the judges play off one another. Lionel has said No and I think his critiques are valid. I’ve never felt like Katie was making it about her.”

Only earlier this month she was accused of being “nasty” to another contestant.

Katy was accused of “being a mean girl” after telling hopeful Sara Beth that she wasn’t “gonna go far” after her performance

American Idol continues Sundays on ABC in the USA.

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