Katie Price's boyfriend Carl Woods slammed for teasing her disabled son Harvey with carrot cake
14th April 2021

KATIE Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods has been slammed for teasing her son Harvey with carrot cake.

Fans branded the 32-year-old a “disgrace” after he posted a video of Harvey, 18, telling him not to “f**king touch” his beloved sweet treat after he pretended to open it. 

Harvey has complex needs including Prader-Willi syndrome and he is also partially blind and on the autistic spectrum.

While many found the video amusing, others couldn’t understand why he would wind Harvey up – particularly as the teen is known for smashing things up when unhappy.

One person commented: “You’re a bloody disgrace if teasing someone with the disabilities that Harvey has just to get laughs and likes ,and for his mother to allow it is a bigger disgrace. Grow up for God sake.”

Another person remarked: “Should be ashamed of yourself you t****r. Do you find it funny stressing a disabled young man for attention and likes?”

As someone else added: “Winding him up again on purpose! Get a life Woods.”

And one fan warned:  “As much as you meant no harm that could of caused a major meltdown big no no from me if he got up and tomb stoned it you asked for it.”

In the clip Carl is seen rustling the packaging of a Tesco Finest carrot cake.

As soon as Harvey knew realised what he was doing he desperately shouted: "No, no!"

The car dealer innocently replied: "What?"

"Don't wind me up Carl. Don't f***ing touch," Harvey warned him.

Carl simply replied: "Alright."

But it's not the first time Carl has messed around with his favourite snack to push Harvey's buttons.

Earlier this month the reality star filmed himself picking up another carrot cake and going "mmmm" as if he was going to eat it without the teen.

Harvey was not amused about it and told him: "No Carl it's f***ing Harvey's carrot cake."

Carl asked if he wanted the cake back and Harvey replied: "Yes please…for f***s sake."

Chuckling to himself, Carl handed the box over and Harvey replied: "Thank you."

Harvey has a habit of smashing things when distressed, with Katie revealing he broke six TVs in the first lockdown.

In a YouTube video posted by the star, she revealed Harvey also broke a projector – a Christmas present he received to stop him smashing TVs.

Just last week Harvey smashed the car window after he got hiccups.

Viewers of theBBC documentary Katie Price: Me And Harvey also saw him becoming upset by a loud noise while visiting a residential college.

When a slamming noise was heard Harvey reacted by hitting his head backwards on a door suddenly.

The teen has ADHD, autism, genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia which causes blindness and requires round-the-clock care.

Carl and Harvey's mum Katie have been an item since June 2020.

The reality star has become extremely close with Harvey and the rest of her kids over the year.

The former glamour model shares Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with Peter Andre and Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, with Kieran Hayler.




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