Kate Garraway locks horns with GMB guest in tense lockdown debate
21st October 2020

Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway was seen locking horns with one of the show’s guests as they discussed new restrictions put in place in Greater Manchester.

On Tuesday, it was announced by the government that Greater Manchester would be moved into tier three restrictions – the strictest level of lockdown measures – despite Mayor Andy Burnham’s efforts to prevent the change from happening.

Burnham called on the government to offer £65million in financial support to aid those in Greater Manchester as restrictions tighten and criticised ministers for failing to provide such a figure.

Political commentators and journalists Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire have been regular guests on GMB to discuss the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and things got heated as they took opposing sides when discussing Burnham’s fight against the government.

Kate stepped in defending Burnham as Andrew criticised the Mayor for calling for a national lockdown, but arguing against tier three restrictions.

‘This is a man that wants the whole country to go into a national lockdown, he wants one of these ridiculous circuit breakers… and yet he’s saying that the goverment’s prescription for the area is too draconian,’ Andrew vented.

‘He’s not saying that,’ Kate hit back. ‘Because they’ve been in severe restrictions for quite a long time, he’s saying, to put it in common language, they’re on their knees. There’s no money left in the bank.’

As she tried to explain Burnham’s reasoning for wanting £65million in support, Kate grew more and more frustrated as Pierce interrupted her.

She snapped: ‘I’m not his spokesperson, but that’s what he said yesterday… he argued that his area needs the figures that he wanted.’

The government has said that there is still £60million available in support for Greater Manchester and there is still an opportunity for an agreement to be made ahead of the restriction change that comes into effect from midnight on Friday.

Maguire spoke out in support of Burnham and suggested Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ‘getting people’s backs up and now they’re pushing back.’

He also hit out at Pierce for ‘not letting him speak’ and ‘putting words in his mouth’ during the live debate, as the two clashed while discussing the latest political news amid the pandemic.

Trying to diffuse the situation, Kate wrapped up the debate by telling the pair: ‘It’s been great to talk to you this morning, even if you’ve been in a particularly feisty mood.’

Another said: ‘Just had #GMB on for 5 minutes and im out. Both presenters talking at the same time. Asking other questions when the guest has only just started. Annoying and unhelpful. And it wasn’t even Piers Morgan.’

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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