Joe Wicks 'saves lockdown' as he confirms return to three times a week PE lessons
3rd November 2020

JOE Wicks 'saves lockdown' as he confirmed his return to PE lessons on TV three ties a week.

The Body Coach star, 34, kept the nation fit and healthy with his daily fitness sessions during the first lockdown.

But luckily Joe has confirmed he is coming back for the second lockdown – starting on Thursday – with his lessons returning from Monday.

He wrote on Instagram: "Guess who's back with 'Wake Up With Joe'".

The fitness star then explained: "I promised if we wet back into a lockdown I would be here to help you get through it and I'm now committing to filming and sharing 3 new workouts a week until lockdown is over how ever [sic.] long that takes."

He will be hosting the sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am – but they will not be live.

Joe added: "This will not be LIVE workouts but pre-recorded short 15-minute energy and mood boosting workouts to help you stay fit and find some positivity, energy and help with your mental health.

"You can then choose to do the workouts at a time which suits you."

He continued: "I need this just as much as you. Our mental health is suffering but we can get through this lockdown together and come out stronger both physically and mentally."

Fans thanked Joe for the news, with one person saying: "💚 You are a star Joe. It will help so many. Thank you. 💚"

Another added: "Thank you Joe for saving lockdown"

A third remarked: "Huraaah!! Lockdown joy….it’s so nice to have the help for many that need it at this time🙌🏽🙌🏽"

This comes after Joe admitted he is struggling with hip pain due to the number of YouTube workouts he was doing every day.

The star said: "I’m still doing three or four workouts a day. My body is tired and I’m aching.

“But knowing a million people might do that video, and a million kids might take part or whatever truly motivates me.

"It's the only thing left that keeps me going, really.

"I still feel like I want to be there for people and I feel like I've just started and I've got so many more people to help.

"There comes a point where you're not driven by money, it can't be the motivator.

"Because when I'm tired and my hips hurt and I don't want to exercise, money's not going to get me doing that workout."

He was awarded an MBE for his efforts during the pandemic, and said his mum “burst into tears” when he told her.

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