Joe Swash struggles to pronounce Prince Charles’ name in very awkward moment
21st December 2018

Joe Swash struggled to pronounce the name of our next monarch in an awkward moment on Good Morning Britain.

The I’m A Celebrity star appeared on the morning show to talk about the "1 Million Minutes" campaign, and showed off a special event by Dumfries House taking place in Ayrshire to celebrate and help the elderly or those alone at Christmas.

But when the royal arrived as a special guest, Joe lost his words and struggled to even pronouce the prince’s name.

The video showed the price walking around, meeting a children’s choir and saying hello to men and women enjoying the festivities, but after the tea party was in full swing, Joe asked some ladies a killer question.

He said: "Were you more taken aback by me than Prince Chiles? Yes they were!"

The ladies giggled hysterically as they nodded, before more of the women in attendance were serenaded by an Elvis impersonator and got the chance to meet up with others over a spot of tea.

But fans at home could not believe how wrong Joe got the prince’s name, before questioning whether he had a little more than tea at the do.

One said: "@GMB who let Joe swash loose with the royals! Who the hell is Prince chyles?"

Another said: "Can someone tell joe swash it’s charles not chile’s he’s sounds like a right muppet"

A third added: "# gmb Joe swash pronouncing our future king as chiles?after getting wrong name?give me it is"

Another said: "Joe swash looks like he dabble in something before going on air lol # gmb"

A fifth said: "Is Joe Swash off his head? # GMB"

But the party itself was just tea and some delicious cakes, so Joe was surely just enjoying life and loving meeting all the ladies at Dumfries House.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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