Jesse Tyler Ferguson's 'Breaking News' About 'Modern Family' Renewal, How Beyonce Saved His Emmy Night
13th December 2018

The actor calls it “breaking news” when he tells Busy Philipps that he and the cast “might do one more,” before getting ghosted hardcore by Chrissy Teigen.

All season long, fans have been anticipating "Modern Family" ending after a decade on the air, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson tells "Busy Tonight" it may not be over yet.

The actor dropped by Busy Philipp’s new talk show to dish on the status of the hit ABC comedy, share a secret tip for how to get through a very thick crowd with the help of one Queen Bey, and accidentally get super-embarrassed by Chrissy Teigen.

The topic of "Modern Family" coming to an end this spring led Busy to suggest that Jesse needs to take something from the set, or maybe steal some of his character’s wardrobe. But then he dropped a little hint and stopped her in her tracks after she said, "Your series finale is coming up this year, right?"

"Maybe. We might do one more," he said. Then, with a sheepish grin to the camera, he added, "Maybe. I don’t know."

When she expressed her shock, he trumpeted, "Breaking news!"

His potential reveal comes two days after Deadline reported that the adult cast is very close to re-upping their contracts for one more season to wrap the series up. Could this mean the deals have been signed, just not yet announced?

Deadline is feeling pretty confident that a Season 11 will happen, and Jesse seemed to echo that sentiment with his cheeky playfulness in teasing the possible renewal.

When he wasn’t blowing Busy’s mind away with renewal talk, he was dropping genius on her lap, as when he shared the most efficient way to clear a crowd. Now it sounds like it might work anywhere, but Jesse used this trick quite effectively at the Emmys, of all places.

"It was very crowded and I was trying to get into my seat. It was so hot," he lamented. "I was like I need to get inside, I need water, I need air conditioning. And so I just said, ‘Oh my god, Beyonce!’"

The simple ploy worked out better than he could have dreamed. "Everyone just starting running toward the other area, and I walked in, took a photo, and went inside, "he said with a laugh. "Beyonce wasn’t even singing. It’s The Emmys, what would Beyonce be doing at the Emmys? Idiots!"

Check all that out, and find out JTF’s definitive answer on how to pronounce his friend Chrissy Teigen’s name, no matter what she says, in the clip below. Don’t listen to her. Listen only to Jesse Tyler Ferguson. And then watch just how badly it goes when he tries to call her to clear it up live on the air.

Did Chrissy Teigen really just ghost Jesse Tyler Ferguson? When is the last time he talked to her?

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