Jeremy Kyle guest is convinced his girlfriend is cheating because she tried new sex positions… and he shocks viewers by demonstrating them on the show
6th March 2019

Pearce was convinced girlfriend Lisa was being unfaithful because she's started doing all sorts of different things with her legs.

He told Jezza: "The sex has changed! Her positioning has changed.

"She likes being on top more now – which I don't mind.

"But when I'm on top, the positioning has changed."

He then explained she does different things with her legs – and then tried to show a mortified Jeremy how they have sex.

Jeremy couldn't believe his eyes, and neither could viewers at home, who took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One wrote: "Take note all of your partner changes sex positions they are either cheating or going to dump you or find you boring #jeremykyle".

Another said: "She’s probably changed her sex position because her HIP needs replacing ffs #jeremykyle".

A third wrote: "Or it could be she changed her position because she's got a dodgy hip now i had to change mine once for an ingrowing toenail #JeremyKyle".

While another felt sorry for Lisa, writing: "That woman clearly is miserable in this relationship and wants to run away fast as she can but she’s clearly trapped and that’s heart breaking #JeremyKyle".

It turned out that despite Lisa's new manoeuvres, she hadn't been unfaithful to Pearce.

Despite their issues, they're still together with the show Twitter page saying: "Pearce and Lisa are still together and are continuing to work on their relationship. We wish them the best for the future."

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