Jennifer Lopez Recalls First Valentine's Day with A-Rod, Talks Preparing for New Stripper Role
14th February 2019

“We’re kind of generous gift givers, I think,” Lopez says of her and A-Rod. “I mean, you know, we work hard.

Alex Rodriguez treated Jennifer Lopez like a queen right from the start of their romance.

While appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night, the "Dinero" singer recalled her first Valentine’s Day with the former MLB player two years ago. At the time, the couple had just started dating and the relationship was still fairly new. However, Rodriguez didn’t forget the holiday.

"It was nice because it was a couple of weeks later," Lopez said. "I remember I was doing my show in Vegas and I got to Vegas and I was tired and there was all these flowers and chocolates and a cake and everything and I was like, ‘Who sent me all that?’ I didn’t know who it was kind of, because it was kind of new. But it was really nice because it made me feel like, ‘Oh, you like me!’"

Kimmel said that he assumed since J.Lo is well, you know J.Lo, that a man couldn’t just give her a mere dozen roses. "I think people think that, but honestly it’s not like that," Lopez said and Kimmel asked, "So he’ll give you a dozen and that’s good?"

"Yeah! If that’s what he wants to give me," she replied, laughing. "I would appreciate it no matter what."

For this year’s Valentine’s Day, Lopez’ gift for her man is still in the works. "We’re kind of generous gift givers, I think," Lopez said. "I mean, you know, we work hard…I have a couple ideas. I know it’s tomorrow. I have some work to do in the morning."

Lopez, 49, also spoke about preparing for a new role in the movie "Hustlers," where she will be playing a stripper. We know the "World of Dance" judge can work it on the dance floor, but she told Kimmel that learning to dance like a stripper is a whole other ball game.

"We do have a pole at the house right now," Lopez said. "You can practice with it there. I have a girl who comes in and teaches me. It’s very hard, [the instructor] is a girl from Cirque du Soleil, she’s fantastic — Joanna — she works with me. I mean I have bruises everywhere, it’s so hard. I have a lot of respect for people who do the pole."

When asked if stripping is "more difficult" than the professional dancing she’s doing, Lopez replied, "Much more difficult. It’s like an acrobatic. It’s different muscle groups and it’s like the things that they do with their legs and everything and go upside down."

"Boy that A-Rod, he really has it all going for him," Kimmel joked in reply.

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