James Duggar, 19, slammed for not wearing a mask while home decor shopping with sister Jana
20th November 2020

JAMES Duggar has been criticized for not wearing a mask insde a Walmart despite being "pro-life."

The Counting On star has been slammed by fans after his sister Jana showed them in their local store, and the teen did not appear to be wearing a mask.

It was unclear if Jana was wearing one.

The family are famous for their conservative values, including being anti-abortion and anti-birth control.

But fans of the TLC show remarked how the decision to not wear a mask was "not very pro life of these two dumb dumbs."

Another added: "I just don’t get the aversion to masks…just do it…love thy neighbor," referencing one of the core Christian tenets.

In response to a fan who questioned why it mattered if they wore masks or not, one angry follower shared: "It’s not about them because their immune system is strong. What about others?

"Please care more. Exercise being a true Christian."

One follower commented: "Such hypocrisy!! We love and care for people, but we don’t care if we get them sick and they die because we refused to wear a simple mask for 40 min."

Jana and James' sister-in-law Kendra has been criticized in the past for not wearing her mask correctly, despite being six months pregnant.

Wearing a mask to help protect yourself and others from the coronavirus has become politicized 10 months into the pandemic, despite several outbreaks in the White House – which resulted in President Donald Trump getting infected in early October.

The family are Trump supporters, and Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's son Jed ran for state office in the 2020 election but lost to Democrat incumbent Megan Godfrey

In Arkansas, where the Duggars live, the state department made an exectuive order recommending the general public wear a mask in all "indoor environments" including "retail stores."

This week has seen a surge in infections and hospitalizations as the Covid death toll topped 250,000 this week in the USA.

Trump's Coronavirus Task Force, headed by Vice President Mike Pence, has now urged Americans to mask-up as the virus continues to ravage the country.

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