James Bond: ‘I’m the proudest Bond girl there is’ Britt Ekland AGAINST changing franchise
26th May 2020

The 77-year-old actress starred alongside former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore in The Man with the Golden Gun. The film came out in 1974 and Ekland played the gorgeous Bond girl Mary Goodnight. But the star, who was once married to Peter Sellers, shared her belief the traditional Bond girl won’t be returning to the franchise.

Speaking to The Guardian, Ekland insisted that now more than ever she cherishes her role in the iconic spy series.

Bond girls have remained static in the franchise for years, with many questioning the apparent sexism against women given today’s climate.

The actress told the publication: “I’m the proudest Bond girl there is because there are not a lot of us left.

“And there won’t be any in future.”

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Weighing in on why current 007 star Daniel Craig has very different relationships with his co-stars on-screen now, Ekland cited the changing landscape of gender roles.

“The Bond girl has to look good in a bikini,” the actress continued.

“That was her role … The Bond girl of my era exists no more because they’re not presented that way.

“You wouldn’t see her in a bikini next to Daniel Craig in a suit today.

“The PR department would make sure that didn’t happen,” Ekland added.

Meanwhile, Spectre actor Nigel Barber has revealed the truth of what it’s really like to work on a James Bond set alongside star Daniel Craig and the rest of the cast and crew.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the star said: “They’re very controlled environments.

“You weren’t allowed to go anywhere or do anything.


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“You were either in your trailer, which was outside the shooting area, [or on set].”

Barber shot three scenes for Spectre, but only one made the film’s final cut.

On shooting one set in Japan, he said: “We took over the entire City Hall on the Thames, the Mayor’s office, and that became downtown Tokyo.

“So they green-screened out all the windows and obviously the skyline outside was Tokyo.

“They were really controlling; they put everybody into one room,” the actor added.

The latest film in the series, No Time to Die, was originally slated for release in April.

Unfortunately the ever-changing conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic pushed it back to later this year.

No Time To Die will be released in cinemas in November.

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