Jacob shaken as he lies over his stabbing to save Leyla in Emmerdale
7th January 2023

A desperate plan by Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) to get his mum Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) away from the influence of drug dealer Callum ended in horror in last week’s Emmerdale episodes when Jacob was stabbed by Callum.

Jacob was horrified to catch Leyla with drugs. Under pressure at work, and discovering Liam (Jonny McPherson) had shared a moment with Bernice (Samantha Giles) at New Year, Leyla was at the end of her tether and resorted to her old way of dealing with her pain – by buying drugs.

After catching her with the drugs, Jacob was determined not to let her go back down the path to addiction and he texted Callum, asking him to meet at the viaduct.

Jacob went to the meeting armed with one of Leyla’s kitchen knives which was then turned against him when the confrontation became violent. Jacob was left in a pool of blood and only just survived his injuries.

In the immediate aftermath, Leyla wanted David (Matthew Wolfenden) to agree to lie about the attack when she realised that the knife was one of her own and worked out what happened.

In upcoming episodes David agrees with Leyla’s plan to lie to the police, but he tells her he wants her to stay away from Jacob.

David goes to the hospital where he tells Jacob that he needs to be careful about what he says to the police, in case he implicates himself and Leyla. Jacob is worried about this, but he eventually agrees to the lie when the police question him.

Meanwhile Leyla frantically waits for news. Will Jacob tell the police what he knows? And will Callum come after her or Jacob if he does?

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