Jack Fincham ‘has only seen baby daughter three times in eight months’ claims girl’s furious mum
20th October 2020

JACK Fincham has only seen his baby daughter three times in eight months, according to the little girl’s furious mum. 

Casey Ranger, the mother of the Love Island winner’s daughter, has accused him of deceiving fans by presenting himself as a doting dad on social media – even though he hasn’t even bought his child a “teddy”. 

Casey, 30, took to social media to blast Jack in a stinging post accusing him of manipulating his audience and fans.

She wrote: “…After keeping quiet for so long I now feel like I'm being backed into a corner and have no option but to speak up for the sake of my little girl & my own peace of mind.

“It was extremely difficult to watch Jack speak about Blossom on the TV show earlier this week, he spoke in such a deceiving way that tried to present himself as a 'father'.

“A father who hasn't gone out of way once to buy his daughter a teddy bear.

“Any one who watched it may have been fooled, but the truth is, he's seen Blossom three times in eight months!!!!

"The image on his phone (that he kissed on the show) was a photo I'd sent to his mum…"

The NHS worker went on: “It angers me how someone in the public eye can easily twist & manipulate a situation, especially one that involves my daughter.

“I will not tolerate Jack using Blossom's name to try and rebuild his public profile as a 'dad' and I think it's only right to speak the truth he puts on such a deceiving act”

Clearly riled about Jack’s appearance on new series Love Island: What Happened Next, Casey continued her post telling her followers not to be “fooled” by him. 

She added: “Don't be fooled by what you see. I've kept quiet for far too long and had to sit back and watch this person use my daughter for his own self gratification.

"I hope you can understand how difficult it's been to write this and to speak publicly about such a private matter involving my daughter.”

Jack stunned everyone back in January when he announced the birth of his first child – a daughter called Blossom – on Instagram.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online at the National Television Awards, Jack said: “I’m loving fatherhood. But not nappy changing – it stinks. I can’t stop staring at her though she’s beautiful.

"I kept the pregnancy a secret so her mum could have a peaceful pregnancy and she did."

And he added that his Love Island co-stars have been very supportive of his baby joy.

"Everyone from Love Island has been in touch to wish me well and it made me cry,” said Jack.

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