ITV’s This Morning’s Josie Gibson and Rylan terrified by ‘haunted’ doll collection with huge value
31st October 2023

This Morning hosts Josie Gibson and Rylan Clark were left gobsmacked when the value of a spooky doll collection was revealed on Tuesday's show.

To mark Halloween, Josie and Rylan were joined by psychic Deborah, who showed off her collection of haunted dolls, and while she's not looking to sell these, an expert still gave an estimated value of this unique collection.

The expert pointed out one doll and said: "The make of that is Armand Marseille. The doll on its own is worth quite a bit of money but the fact that it's haunted adds a lot of money. So that doll alone is worth about £800 – £1000."

Rylan responded with surprise, saying: "Woah that's a lot," before Josie added: "Wow."

The expert then explained that the whole collection was even more valuable, adding: "Well it's haunted! The entire collection – if you were to put them for sale.

"Because of the history and because Deborah has got so much information about these and because there's so much evidence, the price is going to be about £4000."

Deborah was asked if she wanted to sell her dolls, to which she revealed she currently had no plans to do so.

And in another spooky segment, viewers shared their own ghost stories. Josie told everyone about a time when her son Reggie saw a ghost behind her. She asked him if the ghost was good or bad, and Reggie said he was good.

Then, Josie revealed that Reggie had told her the ghost was her dad, which left her shocked as she had not spoken to him about her dad before.

It comes after This Morning fans were left ecstatic earlier in the week when it was announced that Rylan and Josie would be hosting the show this week. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one wrote: "Woohoo! Can't wait," while another said, "Couldn't wish for a better pairing. So looking forward to next week."

A third penned: "Omg the dream team. These two should be our lead team. Love them – good luck you two." And a fourth commented: “Brilliant, both are warm, and so funny and entertaining."

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