‘It’s utter drivel’ Meghan Markle’s podcast branded ‘tone deaf’ in brutal TalkTV rant
23rd August 2022

Meghan Markle: Talk TV panel react to podcast

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Meghan Markle has sparked a frenzy after releasing the first instalment of her podcast, Archetypes, on Spotify. The Duchess of Sussex interviewed tennis superstar Serena Williams in the opening episode where they discussed ambition and feminism. The podcast was the subject of debate on Tuesday’s instalment of The Talk where panellists branded it a “cringefest” as well as “utter drivel”. 

Meghan has claimed the podcast series, which has taken two years to make, will allow listeners to hear the “unfiltered” version of herself. 

She said: “People should expect to hear the real me in this and probably the me that they have never gotten to know, certainly not in the past few years where everything is through the lens of the media. 

“I am just excited to be myself and talk and be unfiltered – yeah it’s fun.” 

As the clip of Meghan speaking on the podcast was aired on The Talk, host David Bull’s guests were seen shaking their heads. 

The panel included James Max, Mike Graham, Esther Krakue and Penny Smith who were left in complete silence before another segment of the podcast was played. 

They heard a part of the recording where Meghan said: “I never heard a negative connotation around the word ambitious until I started dating my now husband and apparently ambition is a terrible, terrible thing, for a woman that is, according to some.”

The silence was deadly as the panel looked baffled by Meghan’s words in the clip before  Esther admitted she’s “rarely speechless”. 

“I think the cringe is like giving me a heart attack,” the broadcaster admitted. 

James called the podcast a “cringefest”, adding: “It’s one of the worst things I have ever heard, it’s utter drivel. It’s appalling.” 

Mike raged: “We are talking about lawlessness in this country and people can’t afford to eat and she is going to tell you, ‘You can write you’re own future.’

“Well, so what? I don’t care, I want them to leave me alone. Don’t give me your c****y views I don’t want to hear.” 

James continued to attack the podcast episode which he branded “tone deaf”. 

“I am all up for ambition, by the way, I don’t care who you are, I love people who want to achieve things and succeed, I love people to reach their full potential but you are not going to do that by listening to this drivel,” James fumed. “Seriously, it’s appaling and it’s tragic.” 

Despite the backlash, journalist Penny said she felt the podcast would be a huge success. 

“Do you all listen to the Kardashians? No – well they are successful, that is what I am saying,” she exclaimed to the rest of the panel. 

TalkTV viewers were divided over the podcast debate, with Freda Wallace commenting: “Shall we check what Meghan Markle thinks of TalkTV. Oh that’s right, she’s never heard of it.” (sic) 

@TheGreenRobot added: “I don’t think these three men were her target audience, to be honest.” 

Michelle quipped: “@TalkTV I’ve never seen four people so speechless after watching a little vocal sketch by Meghan Markle!” 

The Talk is available to watch on weeknights on TalkTV at 9pm. 

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