‘It all goes terribly wrong’ James Martin explains getting ‘mixed up’ with dyslexia
18th October 2021

James Martin says he gets ‘words mixed-up’ due to dyslexia

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Speaking on BBC Radio 2, TV chef Jame Martin told host Zoe Ball he has stumbled into many TV “disasters” during his weekend cooking show Saturday Morning due to words getting mixed up as a result of his dyslexia. The television presenter explained the learning difficulty, which causes problems with reading, writing and spelling, has led to the occasional blunder.

“There’s been plenty of disasters,” the 49-year-old commented, while discussing television blunders.

He continued: “15 years I’ve been doing Saturday Morning so there are plenty.

“Usually, the ones that are out there, the ones that are on the internet really.

“And the fact I’m dyslexic, so I keep getting the words mixed up when I read – I don’t know how you guys do it on television.

“I just completely mess it all up, but that’s where it all goes terribly wrong when I get my words mixed up.”

Zoe, 50, replied: “Do you know what, they’re usually people’s favourite moments though, James.

“When things go wrong on this show that’s their favourite part of the show!”

“That is usually the case isn’t it really,” James responded.

“After nearly 30 years of TV, I realise that it’s the mistakes that kind of will hold you in regards to further on in your life.”

James has been appearing on television since 1996, on cooking shows such as Ready Steady Cook and The Big Breakfast.

He hosted BBC’s Saturday Kitchen from 2006 to 2016, before starting Saturday Morning with James Martin on ITV in 2017.

Rather than a mix-up with words, a recent blunder on This Morning saw host Phillip Schofield pointing out a cooking error by James.

Cooking a mushroom flatbread live on the show earlier this month, James had been explaining the different types of mushroom he used.

Having been distracted by the conversation, he hadn’t realised one side of his bread had become burnt.

“Is that because the BBQ was too hot?” co-host Holly Willoughby asked.

“It’s hot because you lot are freezing cold, I’ve got a cauldron in front of me, a cauldron to the left side of me and I’m doing my best,” James snapped.

He added: “Moving swiftly on we’re going to take the butter – this butter I’ve blended with parsley, if you want really green butter you’ve got to blanch the herbs.”

James finished off his dish for the This Morning presenters who tucked into the dish.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning sees the cook inspiring viewers with different recipes while chatting to other chefs and celebrities.

James’ BBC Radio 2 interview can be listened to on the BBC Sounds website, while This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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