Insulate Britain in furious row as Ferrari dismantles group strategy ‘Have to justify it!’
4th November 2021

Insulate Britain activist clashes with Nick Ferrari over police

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Nick Ferrari has clashed with Insulate Britain spokesman Liam Norton, who kept saying that leaders at COP26 are “killing our kids” with their lack of action. The LBC host insisted on Mr Norton justifying his organisation’s disruptive strategy and the impact everyday Brits face because of protesters. The row came as activists from the offshoot of Extinction Rebellion blocked two roads around Parliament Square in Westminster.

Mr  Ferrari said: “Let’s be civilised.

“If someone rings 999 and an officer cannot get their speed as he or she might do because they’re sitting by the side of the M11 or the M25 waiting for your colleagues.

“I want to know if you can justify that.”

Mr Norton said: “The next three to four years to save your pension Nick.”

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The broadcaster hit back: “Mr Norton, if you want to go down the route of tabloid journalism, not only will I match you, I will beat you.

“So if you want to talk in headlines, I’ll take you on any day you like, and I will beat you.

“So let’s just address the issue-how do you justify the fact that that a woman ringing 999 does not get a police officer as speedily as I think they should, Mr Norton.”

Mr Norton said: “We’ve got the biggest crime in the history of humanity going on at Cop up in Glasgow at the moment.”

The host interjected: “What? COP is a crime?”

The caller continued: “And you are going on about police budget.

“Do you know what’s going on at Cop?”

Mr Ferrari said: “I understood that the world was meeting for the 26th time, so they’ve done a bang-up job 25 times before to stop the problem of global warming and climate and address climate change. I’m clearly wrong.”

Mr Norton said: “They’ve failed haven’t they for the 25 times before.

“We know what they’re doing- they’re killing our kids.”

Mr Ferrari said: “Mr Norton, you have to justify that!

“In what way are they killing our kids to use your words?”

About 30 protesters glued themselves to the ground today as they were protesting around Parliament Square in Westminster.

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