Inside The Circle star Tally Brattle's glam Sussex home with impressive shoe collection and four poster bed
19th March 2021

TALLY Brattle has had a tough week in The Circle as her identity was stolen by fellow contestant Yolanda in a shock twist.

But the 23-year-old at least will have little to worry about if she is voted off despite playing her authentic self, as she's got a glamorous home to return to.

Tally has been fighting against Yolanda, who was blocked after posing as her husband Chris but given a chance to re-enter as someone else.

Choosing to pose as the medical receptionist, the 30-year-old dating agency founder left Tally in tears as she tried to convince the other contestants she was the real deal.

Luckily for Tally, if all else fails in the next episode of the show, she will be returning home to her impressive shoe collection and dramatic four poster bed.

Tally's Instagram sees her frequently posing around her home, which features a monochrome theme throughout with whites, blacks and greys.

Her bedroom features the impressive four-poster, which features fluffy white covers and a seat to perch on at the end.

The opulent room also boasts a white fireplace, large floor mirrors and impressive shoe collection neatly stacked on shelves.

Opposite the bed sits a dressing table, with a Hollywood-style makeup mirror covered in lights, and a large white fabric stool.

The plush grey carpet ties the room together, matching with the silver chandelier light fixture to brighten the room.

Keeping it minimal, Tally's clothes are neatly hung on a rail that tucks away into a small nook in the room.

This week, viewers of The Circle were on the edge of their seats as she confronted the 'fake Tally' via message.

The remaining nine players were left baffled when they noticed that there were two profiles with the same name – but one was blue and the other was orange.

The pair have been trying to convince the others that they are the REAL Tally and of course, Tally herself was getting very frustrated that people were second guessing her.

In the latest episode, Tally paces around the room in a huff and shouts: "She's literally taken my pictures, taken my facts, taken my profile, I'm f***ing done with it. I actually am.

"I wanna have a chat with Tally… with the s**ty version, the orange one," Tally shouted as she paced around her room in a huff in a teaser clip from this evening's instalment of the show.

When Yolanda receives the notification that Tally had started a conversation with her, she knows what is coming her way.

Tally types out to the catfish: "I just can't sleep without letting you know that this has actually cut me quite deep for me.

"The sole reason I've come in here is to try and be authentically myself in my own skin."

A shocked Yolanda says out loud: "S**t! She's gone quite deep but that might just be her trying to get me to back away and if she's a catfish, of course she's going to say that."

Viewers of the reality show took to Twitter to praise bosses for their genius twist after the tense scenes.

One wrote: "This clone twist is genius OMG," with another agreeing: "Woah, what a twist!!! You know this series is going to be amazing."

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