Inside Holby City star Rosie Marcel's amazing home as she renovates country pad after show is cancelled
2nd June 2021

HOLBY City star Rosie Marcel has given fans a glimpse inside her sprawling home as the BBC announced the cult medical drama is being axed after 23 years.

Rosie, 44,who plays Jac Naylor, consultant cardiothoracic surgeon in Holby and its sister show Casualty, showed off her stunning home renovation on Instagram.

The actress lives in the home with her husband Ben Stacey and daughter Beau Marcel Stacey.

She showed fans her pad as they stripped it down and renovated it with a brand new decor.

Rosie rolled up her sleeves to do some painting herself and chose brilliant white for her rooms with high ceilings and brown panneling.

She kept some of the original brickwork on display and added a splash of peach above the windows.

The views from the garden were incredible through the huge Tudor style windows.

The garden was perfectly landscaped with stunning bushes and huge trees surrounding the sprawling lawn.

Inside the home, the family preserved a quaint fireplace embedded in the brickwork.

Some of the family rooms were painted in neutral tones of cream and grey.

Rosie showed the family stripping the walls themselves and the results were clear to see.

The kids' room had a dainty white and yellow chair propped by the window with a Winnie the Pooh bear on it, and a colourful floor mat.

Earlier this year she showed off her very modern kitchen, with a wooden table top and sink, lit by hovering lights framed by black lamp shades.

On the furthest wall were white bricks, leading down to wooden shelves holding jars and bowls, all to the wooden work surfaces on the opposite side.

Meanwhile fans were shocked after it was announced Holby had been cancelled after 23 years.

The popular BBC medical show will air its final scenes in March 2022.

The much-loved show, created as a spin-off from BBC's Casualty by Tony McHale and Mal Young, premiered in 1999.

It became a huge hit with fans as it followed the drama of the staff who work in Holby City Hospital.

But now it's coming to an end.

In a press release published earlier today, the BBC stated: "We are incredibly proud of Holby City but it’s with great sadness that we are announcing that after 23 years, the show will end on screen in March of next year."

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