Indian TV star Chethana Raj dies aged 21 after undergoing fat removal surgery
17th May 2022

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It has been reported that Chethana Raj, 21, has died after having undergoing "fat free" removal surgery at a private hospital in Bengaluru Karnataka.

According to reports the star who was just 21, admitted to taking to the surgery table for the procedure on Monday – May 17.

The actress is believed to have died after suffering a cardiac arrest, following complications with breathing that caused fluid to mount up in her lungs.

It is understood that the movie star was moved from the cosmetic hospital and transferred to the ICU ward in Kaaade Hospital Manjunath Nagar.

On arrival, medics are believed to have found the young star to be unresponsive with "no pulse".

Doctors are said to have worked on Chethana, attempting to revive her through CPR for 45 minutes – which tragically proved to be unsuccessful in the end.

According to local news outlets, Chetana's parents are seeking legal advice surrounding the situation which resulted in their daughter's sudden death.

Chethana was best known for her role in the Indian TV series Geetha, Doresaani and Olavina Nildana.

The small screens actress lived with the Raj family in Abhayagere in the northern taluk of Bangalore.

At such a young age, Chetana had already appeared in many serial films

Chetana Raj has appeared in many serials and films such as Leaning Station and also the unpublished Kannada film Hawaiian.

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