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25th January 2023

LOVE Island fans are thrilled farmer Will Young has finally found a connection in the villa.

Having been friend-zoned by the original Islanders, the 23-year-old from Buckinghamshire locked lips – multiple times – with Aussie bombshell Jessie Wynter on last night's show.

After their smooch – which followed a sexy pole dance session during the Space Raunch challenge – Will declared it was "the best night of my life!".

Meanwhile smitten Jessie admitted she was finding the farmer hard to resist.

But body language expert Judi James isn't convinced their connection is genuine, admitting she spies a number of red flags – especially when it comes to how quickly their romance is progressing.

She tells The Sun: "The phrase, ‘If it looks too good to be true it probably is’ has never sounded so relevant as it does with this new couple.


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"Jessie’s body language is puzzling. There’s been no ‘getting to know you' period or even a ‘getting to fancy you’ one, because they both talk at the same time and went through the first stages of the mating process at lightning speed.

"Will was ‘in love’ before he knew anything about Jessie.

"If there were potential red flags about why she has been chosen from the entire cast of Love Island Australia to star in the UK version, he’s chosen to ignore them and go on sketchy, unreliable surface values and signals instead.

"Will is so scared he might hear or see something that could scupper his instant love match that he finishes Jessie’s sentences for her rather than evaluating what she has to say."

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Judi questions whether their connection is genuineCredit: Eroteme
Judi warns Jessie's 'clingy' behaviour could bring about the biggest shock of the series yetCredit: Eroteme

Judi questions whether Jessie has been "specifically chosen" for loveable Will in the same way producers previously sent in girls for former Islanders Hugo Hammond and Dr Alex George, who also struggled to find a connection in the beginning.

"Will was so far down the scale in terms of dateability for the other girls that he appeared permanently relegated to the friend zone by all of them," she says.

"Jessie, however seems to see him as human catnip, purring and rubbing round him and even acting worried that his head might be turned by a new bombshell."

Shock twist

But Judi warns Jessie's "clingy" behaviour could bring about the biggest shock of the series yet – and cause Will's head to turn.

"He is being bombarded with some rather intense displays of clingy devotion from Jessie that could leave him feeling overwhelmed if she doesn’t calm down," she observes.

"When chatting at the fire pit, Jessie sat with both hands clinging to Will’s arm, pressing her head on his shoulder like a woman in love who is keen to cling onto her man.

"Even Will looked as though he was keen to be allowed to breathe.

"The way his eyes scanned the area suggested he was keen to boast about his conquest rather than focusing on her.

"Jessie was even role-playing scenarios where Will’s head might be turned by a new bombshell, acting the scene out as though already needing reassurance from him.

"She then took control by grabbing Will’s arm and pushing it round her head and neck to make him look equally possessive.

"When he leaned in for a kiss she threw one arm around Will’s neck to clamp him in place before devouring him in the same way she had devoured him earlier in the challenge.

"Everyone wants Will to be loved-up and happy, but his obvious desperation to couple-up shouldn’t be confused with the idea that means ‘with anyone’.

Everyone wants Will to be loved-up and happy, but his obvious desperation to couple-up shouldn’t be confused with the idea that means ‘with anyone’

"Jessie seems lovely and might be the perfect match, but by the way she's acting right now, the man who has at least had his own space in the villa might start to feel a bit smothered."

Judi also points out that, while Jessie has said she's still open to getting to know other boys in the villa, it's unlikely they'll feel the same.

"Jessie has made her chances of coupling with any other boys zero, as they have all been rooting for Will to find a mate," she says.

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"She’s passed one hurdle by pairing off before any re-coupling, but once she’s safe, will her head be turned by a new bombshell – or, perhaps likelier, will Will’s?

"Now he’s rediscovered his mojo he could be keen to test the waters like the other guys are."

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