I was on Love Island and you have to ask to use the loo, says Tanya as she reveals strict show rules | The Sun
19th June 2023

LOVE Island star Tanya Manhenga has lifted the lid on the show's very strict rules.

The 22-year-old, who appeared on the South African version of the show earlier this year, revealed the Islanders even had to ask to go to the toilet.

Tanya told how everything was controlled – even downto what they wear.

She explained:  “You always have to be in bikinis, that is such a rule.

"In South Africa as well it was very cold at night but then during the day, I think in the last few days when it started raining unexpectedly and we asked if we could wear something else and they said no.”

Speaking on Madame Joyce’s podcast, she continued:  “If you need to go to the toilet you have to ask, you have a mic on constantly so you can just say it and someone will hear you on the mic and the voice coming from somewhere will say you can go or no you can’t right now, wait a second.

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“There was one toilet upstairs and one downstairs and you have one shower. The villa gets cleaned every night so when we wake up it’s like a whole new villa but the bathroom, I would say they would leave it for a few days then they would tidy it up.”

Tanya added: “When you sign the contract it says 24/7 filming, even when we have days off we are still filming.”

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