I was living in a TENT after I ran out of money… now I make a fortune after launching easy online job from my caravan | The Sun
8th August 2023

A WOMAN who was living in a tent after she ran out of money now makes a fortune after launching an easy online job from her caravan.

Layla, originally from Northamptonshire, was struggling to survive after being made redundant and finding herself without a source of income.

Being forced to give up her home after missing out on bill payments, she said her mental health started taking a rapid decline.

Admitting "all I could think about was money", Layla needed a quick lifestyle change to bring in the cash so she could live.

After "putting on weight", she soon realised a lot of people were seeking out curvier women online and it was something she could make money off of.

Describing herself as a "big beautiful woman", Layla soon got into web-camming.


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The now-sex worker earns a living by sitting on her bed in lingerie and chatting to men online.

Appearing on Channel 4's Confessions of a Cam girl on Monday, Layla said she went from living in a tent to now being back in a house all thanks to sexual chats over a laptop.

She said: "I actually started camming in a caravan which was hilarious because it didn't have any curtains.

"And there was lots of builders around at the time so they got an eyeful.

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"The money that I got from web-camming, I'll be honest, did change my life.

"I went from living in a tent to getting a room up in Liverpool .

"I could start re-building some of the things I lost and start working on some of the things that I was struggling with.

"It wasn't all because of web-camming that things changed but it was instrumental in improving my life."

Another woman, named Nova, from Scotland, also appeared on the doc.

She said she never thought she would be financially independent – but ever since becoming a cam girl, she can easily afford life.

The 26-year-old said: "Whoever said that money doesn't make you happy is an absolute liar because when you get paid £3-per-minute to chat s*** to men on cam that certainly puts a smile on my face."

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