I don't care if you hate my body – I’ll still be posting sexy pics in my 70s, says Loose Women's Nadia Sawalha | The Sun
22nd February 2023

LOOSE Women's Nadia Sawalha said that she will be posing sexy photos in her 70s – saying she doesn't care if trolls hate her body.

The TV favourite, 58, opened up about spending most of her life suffering with "undiagnosed body dysmorphia".

Nadia said she wouldn't describe herself as "body confident", saying her relationship with her figure is still a "work in progress".

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Nadia said: "It all comes from my insecurities – when I look at someone as beautiful Kim Kardashian, I have that bit of envy.

"Then out of that comes my humour at myself, I laugh at myself.

"It makes me step away from my own insecurities – in my 70s who knows how my insecurities will shift, but I will be doing the same thing, I just love it."


Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha poses in racy lingerie as she scoffs crisp sandwiches

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha struggles with suspenders as she strips to lingerie

She continued: "I'm sure I get trolled, I never answer trolls, I just immediately block them.

"I never look on Twitter or anything like that, on Instagram I've got rid of anyone that's really unpleasant. I'm sure if I read them it would be vile, but I really don't care what unpleasant people think.

"I like to be challenged, but I'm not taking any kind of abuse."

Nadia's racy lingerie clips have become a hit with fans racking thousands of likes.

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But the star admitted that she mainly post these clips to "take the p*** out of her own insecurities".

"I would literally cry because I was so dysmorphic when I was younger," she continued.

"I was always comparing myself – if you have a warped way of thinking about yourself – it's those insecurities that follow you around.

"It's breathing down your neck the whole time, when you're in an industry where people are always slimmer than you, but I look back and think how gorgeous I was.

"So when I'm in my 70s I want to look back and think how gorgeous I was in my 50s and 60s and how happy I was."

Nadia admitted that she is constantly battling with the "voices in her head" but said she is proud of herself for facing her "fears".

"I used to let a whole load of really unpleasant voice in my own head that I had created at a very young age live rent free.

"I could say things to me that was a million times worse that what anyone else could say to me.

"It's about telling them to just be quiet – it's like a multiple personality disorder.

"If there were 25 of them living in my head, there are two that's hanging on that I have to have a little chat with every time.

"I don't describe myself as body confident or body positive – I don't even know what that means, I'm a work in progress.

"Where I've got to is acceptance, this is my body that serves me well and can sometimes look amazing in certain angles and lights, but I still have those issues with me everyday.

"If somebody had told me five years ago or 34 years ago that I would be doing what I'm doing now, there is no way I would believe it.

"To be on Instagram leaving myself vulnerable to people thinking and saying anything they want is so unbelievable to me because I've lived my whole life fearing what would happen if someone saw what I really looked like.

"It was dysmorphic, not diagnosed but it was completely dysmorphic.

"I had a totally warped idea of what my body looked like – I can't look in the mirror and tell you what my body looks like and I think so many women are like that.

"Everyday I have to remind myself to not hate anything, and everyday it's there and everyday I have to talk myself out of it.

"I always take a piss out of my own securities so that I can lessen that insecurities for that moment and all those women that answer me and say they are feeling so much better – nothing gives me as much pleasure as that."

Nadia said she is in a much better place with her body now saying she has "walked in the fire" and survived.

She told us: "I feel empowered that I have faced my fear and the world didn't stop turning.

"I walked into the fire and its okay, it's because we can become our own echo chamber and we can tell ourselves such negative things and then we start believing it.

"It can get better, it was awful for me for so many years, but it does take that work you really have to keep reminding yourself of positive ways of thinking."

Nadia has teamed up with Symprove ambassador to help improve gut health.

She explained how a good gut can help improve a persons general health and mental wellbeing.

Nadia said: "So many of us don't realise how important the gut is, I really do believe its the base of all our health. I've never been diagnosed with IBS but by the time I went to bed, I was so much bigger than I was in the morning.

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"I started off with Symprove – as you have live active nutrients for the gut.

"It affects so many different things, mental health, anxiety, our sleep, the list goes on. You're going to look and feel better if you look after your gut."

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