Home & Away spoilers see Alf lash out, Kirby ‘goes solo’ and Mali’s mum arrives
11th September 2023
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    Home and Away's Rose is intimidated by the prospect of meeting Mali’s mum at such short notice.

    There’s immediate tension when Mali reunites with his mum, but as Elandra quickly points out, Vicky is happy to meet Rose.

    Vicky warms to Rose quickly, but when she discovers that his son's girlfriend is a cop, both she and Elandra head for the car.

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    When Mali tries to stop them, Vicky’s disapproval is clear as she tells him: “Your father would be so ashamed of you".

    Elandra tries to broker peace between Mali and his mum, with Vicky still enraged by the news that Rose is a cop.

    Elandra opens up to Rose, revealing that they have a brother who’s been unfairly targeted by police, leading to their family’s distrust of cops.

    Vicky lays it out for Mali, admitting it’s the lying that has hurt her the most.

    As Mali admits he’s in love with Rose, Vicky ends up offering an olive branch to her son’s girlfriend.

    Elsewhere, John is still concerned for Alf and voices his opinion on his hearing to Marilyn.

    After Marilyn tests Alf and claims he's fine, John counters that people with hearing loss read facial expressions to make up for what they can’t hear.

    Marilyn then tests Alf by obscuring her face while talking to him and it appears John is right.

    Alf continues to avoid the topic of his hearing loss but it’s obvious to his friends that he’s struggling.

    Marilyn can’t hold her tongue anymore and confronts her friend, but Alf doesn’t take to the intervention kindly.

    Marilyn is concerned that she still can’t get a hold of Alf, and neither can Justin when she enlists his help.

    When John searches for Alf at the Diner, Irene suggests a plan to flush him out, telling him there’s an issue at the Bait Shop.

    Irene discovers Alf has gone to the city to be with Roo.

    When Alf returns, Justin is the latest resident of the Bay receiving the brunt of his anger when enquiring about his hearing.

    When Alf finally opens up about his hearing, he jumps the gun and wants to resign from the club.

    Justin urges him to get a medical opinion first and Alf is finally compelled to ask Bree for help.

    Meanwhile, Theo is still reeling from his stumble at the album launch Q&A.

    But Justin arrives with good news, revealing he’s locked in Drive Time with Felix J for Lyrik.

    Theo offers to put his hurt aside to do the interview, but Justin tells him Kirby's doing it.

    Sulking later and lashing out, Theo accuses Kirby of deliberately undermining him at the launch so that she can be the face of Lyrik.

    When he tunes into the interview, Theo feels small for turning on Kirby earlier.

    Kirby meanwhile vents to Mac and Xander about Theo’s treatment of her before taking a mysterious phone call.

    She later tells Mac that a huge talent rep has gotten in touch and wants to meet, but only her and not the rest of Lyrik.

    Kirby meets solo artist manager Forrest Duke who makes it clear from the outset that he’s interested in signing her.

    Although it means she'd have to quit Lyrik, it’s clear that Kirby is tempted.

    After sleeping on it, she puts a call in to Forrest, wanting to know what this solo career might look like.

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    Across the Bay, Remi and Justin bond over listening to Lyrik’s album on vinyl and the interview requests keep rolling in for Lyrik.

    When there’s no sign of Kirby, Irene tips him off that she had something on her mind the last few times she’s seen her.

    Later, Justin summons Remi for an urgent band issue and drops a bombshell, revealing that Kirby’s been meeting with Forrest Duke, and he only represents solo artists.

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