Hollyoaks’ Maxine Minniver left for dead as she collapses after dodgy vodka
28th December 2018

Maxine Minniver may get a New Year’s Eve she’ll never forget after downing dodgy vodka leaves her desperately fighting for her life.

Her upset at Damon for his statement to the police about Buster left her drowning her sorrows in booze, but she had no idea it was dodgy, sold to Mercedes by Liam Donovan.

However, this all came after some shocking revelations from the terrifying Breda, whose serial killer ways have finally come to light, as she has Louis Loveday in a strange Misery-esque set up.

Before Maxine’s horrifying fall, Breda put Louis in the boot of her car and later went to the Lomaxes with her pet dog to comfort heartbroken Leela, who believed Louis had just run off and left her.

Meanwhile, Simone wanted Martine to leave after learning of her betrayal, but Zack made a call to their father, Walter, to try and mend the rift between the warring sisters.

They were surprised when Walter arrived, as he sat them both down and put them in their place.

Leela tried to get in touch with Louis and was shocked when she found his wallet covered in blood in The Dog carpark, but later received a text from Louis, saying that he needs time to find out what he wants.

Of course, this was the delivish Breda who sent the text, as she had Louis trapped at her family pig farm after breaking his legs.

Louis wanted to go home but Breda explained he doesn’t have a home, though he was shocked by Breda’s fury as she talked about dead-beat dads, including her own.

Louis tried to leave but ended up on the floor with Breda looking down on him, watching him struggle, as she made him admit that he’s a terrible dad before he tore off his shirt button and placed it on one of the creepy dolls she had made.

However, Breda seemed swayed when Louis asked for her help to become a better dad.

Back in Hollyoaks, Simone and Martine took Chinese food and drinks round to the Lomaxes to apologise to Leela, and tried to make Leela see that none of the women need Louis Loveday, as they gave her until midnight to decide whether she wanted to leave Louis in 2018.

Over at Breda’s farm, Louis was forced to take more painkillers and was tucked into bed, as Breda warned him that if he doesn’t mend his ways, it’ll be the death of him.

And in Hollyoaks, Jonny didn’t want Ste anywhere near him after he tried to kiss him, but Ste panicked when he was faced with his new client, Deborah, and Jonny was nowhere to be seen.

Ste agreed to cater her wedding for £10 per head but knew he’d undersold himself, and was furious his ‘numbers man’ hadn’t shown up.

Jonny apologised and told Ste that he’s not homophobic, but thinks they might be brothers, explaining their mum, Pauline, left him at the hospital when he was a baby, but he wanted to get to know Ste before telling him the truth.

Later, Jonny found an upset Ste trying to open a bottle of wine at the garage, and asked to be let into his life so they can help each other.

Of course, nothing’s as simple as that in Hollyoaks, as the moment Ste was warming to the idea of Jonny being his brother, the audience noticed Jonny’s gym membership card, which had the name ‘Gavin Jackson’ on it – so who is he really?

In The Dog, Liberty was hosting a ‘Hog Roast and Hogmany’ event and recruited Maxine and Sienna as her back-up singers, cutting up Patrick’s antique kilt for their costumes.

And Brody told Cleo not to sell the dodgy vodka that Mercedes bought from Liam.

Later on, Maxine confronted Damon about his false testimony against Buster, for which Damon is angry at Sienna after she told Maxine what he said.

Damon defended his decision, but when Maxine told Brody to get Damon to retract his statement, Damon overheard and broke up with her.

Liberty convinced Maxine to show Damon what he’s missing and pushed her into Zack’s arms, however, Maxine later found the dodgy vodka hidden under the bar and got started on it.

Zack was concerned with how drunk she was getting, and though Damon wanted to help Maxine, she pushed him away and he ended up the focus of Liberty’s ‘I hate you’ song in front of all the New Year’s party-goers.

But the shocking moment came when Maxine suddenly collapsed outside the garage, leaving her for dead.

Hollyoaks continues on Monday at 7pm on E4.

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